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Ramadan 2020: Fasting Hours For Muslims All Over The World

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The holy month of Ramadan is almost here for 2020 and millions of Muslims all over the world are going to start fasting every day from sunrise to sunset in order to develop a deep relationship with Allah. But do you ever wonder for how long is Muslims fasting hours in various parts of the world? For example, in a country like Finland, where the sunset can be as short as 55 minutes, fasting is certainly not an easy task.

How Many Hours Do Muslims Fast In Different Countries All Over The World?

Muslims Fasting Hours

Roughly around 1.8 billion people all over the world would be celebrating Ramadan 2020 this year and they all have different durations of fasting on the basis of their geography. As stated, Muslims living in the Arctic Circle (i.e. countries like Finland, Sweden, etc.) have been fasting for up to 22 to 23 hours daily. As unbelievable as it might sound, the devotees there are doing pretty well. According to them, Allah is giving them just the right inspiration to fast for so long without any trouble.

Fasting Hours in Europe

Other European countries like France, Spain, Germany, Austria, and more are expected to observe the average duration of fasting for 15 to 17 hours per day during the month of Ramadan. Muslims living in the UK might have to fast for a few more hours due to their closeness to the Arctic region, with a duration of around 16 to 18 hours.

Muslims Fasting Hours In US and Europe

Ramadan in Canada and USA

The entire month of Ramadan is celebrated with friends and family as devotees prepare for the festival and exchange gifts with their loved ones while having a great time. If we move to North America, then we can observe the devotees living in Canada observing the fast for around 15 to 19 hours, while Muslims living in the USA would be fasting for around 1416 hours a day. If we move to South America, then we may observe that Muslims in Argentina would be fasting for around 9 to 12 hours. Here, you can definitely see a significant difference between the length in Argentina and Canada!

Fasting Hours in Austalia and Africa

Australia is also below the Equator and because of its geography, it has been expected that disciples there would be fasting for around 11-12 hours every day, which is again less than the average. If we move to Africa, then we might observe an average duration of fasting since it is close to the Equator. Muslims living in countries like Egypt, Algeria, Sudan, Libya, and more would be fasting for around 14 to 15 hours.

Ramadan 2020 Muslims Fasting Hours

Ramadan in Asia and the Middle East

In Asian countries like India, Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, and more that are located nearby, Muslims are expected to fast around 14 to 16 hours a day, depending on the closeness to the Equator. Various countries located in the Middle East like Oman, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iraq, etc. are expected to observe a duration of 14 to 15 hours of fasting. With the Middle East infamous hot weather, this will surely make it a little tough for the devotees.

Ramadan 2020: Fasting Durations

The hours of fasting depends on the duration of the day – that is the time between the sunrise and the sunset, which varies heavily from one country to another and from year to year. With a few countries observing the fasting duration of 20 hours to others observing the same for as little as 10 hours, the difference is really significant.

You can view how many hours a Muslim will have to fast for Ramadan 2020 from this useful website that we’ve found for you! Hope this will be helpful for you to get ready for the holy month arrival.

Remember, no matter how long Muslims fasting hours would be, Ramadan is all about the love, devotion and thankfulness that one has towards Allah, and that makes it an auspicious and beloved month for! Let us know for how long are you fasting this month and what are the traditions that you follow?

Last but not least, we wish you a blissful Ramadan and may all of our good deeds be accepted by Allah S.W.T