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Seychelles: A Must-visit Destination For Muslim Travelers

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Seychelles is one of the most beautiful archipelagos one can ever visit. Located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, it is a connection of more than a hundred islands. Though, there are plenty of islands that are isolated, one can certainly have a great time at Mahรฉ and other major islands. Mahรฉ is one of the most tourist-friendly islands and hosts the capital city, Victoria. If you are visiting this majestic place, try to include these amazing places and activities in your list.

1. Explore Victoria

Chances are that you are going to commence your trip from its capital city. Victoria is a lush-green and friendly city that wonโ€™t disappoint you. Take a tour of it and explore its tea plantation and the local market. Get familiar with the culture and shop some of the most exotic spices and scents at a tempting price.

Source: businessinsider.com

2. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Khalifa Mosque

Victoria also hosts this beautiful mosque that can be visited without any trouble. Though, Seychelles doesnโ€™t have a prominent Muslim population, but it has quite a few beautiful mosques at Mahรฉ and other islands. The mosque can accommodate 600 worshippers and features a serene and divine ambiance.

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Source: seychellesnewsagency.com

3. Go for a hiking expedition

From Police Bay to Morne, Mahรฉ has a lush-green stretch of mountain ranges that should definitely be visited by every adventure junkie. Hike to the summit of Morne, which is the highest peak of the island and have the view of a lifetime.

Source: paradiseseychelles.wordpress.com

4. Experience a laidback beach holiday

Your visit to Seychelles would be incomplete without visiting all those exotic beaches for which the country is known for. There are plenty of beaches that can only be visited either by taking a boat or on foot, which makes them so remote and calm. Anse Major is one of the finest beaches in the country and should definitely be visited to capture a memorable sunset.

Source: seychelles.org

5. Praslin Island

Explore a little and visit Praslin Island to see the other side of Seychelles. It hosts Vallee de Mai Natural Park, which is a UNESCO world heritage site. There are also plenty of beaches like Kerlan Beach, Georgette Beach, Anse Lazio Beach, and more that can be visited to have a great time.

When you are already there, try to pay a visit to its local mosque as well. The Islamic Foundation of Seychelles has constructed a remarkable mosque on this divine island.

Source: travel-rs.com

6. Bird watching

If bird watching is your passion, pay a visit to the Aride Island. It has millions of species and will let you have a glimpse of some of the most endangered birds in the world.

Source: tropicalsky.co.uk

7. Get a tropical massage

Seychelles is quite famous for its authentic tropical massage. One can easily find an authentic massage place in any major city.

Source: nungusafaris.com

8. Witness a memorable sunrise

There are plenty of beaches that are known to host an outlandish sunrise. We recommend visiting Beau Vallon, which is in the northern part of Mahรฉ. The beach is almost spotless and will let you have a remarkable view. Wake up a little early and try to reach there in time.

Source: blogspot.com

9. Taste the local food

There are plenty of restaurants in the country that serves local tropical food. Try to get a taste of some of the local drinks as well when you are there. Though before consuming anything, make sure if it is Halal food or not.

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10. Scuba diving

Almost all the major islands like Mahรฉ, Praslin Island, La Digue, and more has their dedicated facilities for scuba diving. Go under water and see the mysteriously beautiful coral reefs of Seychelles.

Source: seafarersailing.co.uk

Seychelles has a lot to offer for every Muslim traveler. Plan your itinerary wisely and be prepared to have a perfect vacation at this beautiful archipelago.

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