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Undiscovered Sarawak: The Remarkable Places

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Sarawak is the largest state in Malaysia. Abundant with vibrant culture, beautiful flora and fauna, and mesmerizing surrounding, it is a heaven for any curious travellers out there. In this piece, Tripfez has prepared remarkable places for you to discover on your next trip to Sarawak. Let yourself be the judge to discover the undiscovered of Sarawak!

1. Deer Cave, Mulu

Deer Cave is located close to Miri, Sarawak. If you are more familiar with the Mulu Cave, the Deer Cave is a show cave attraction of the Mulu National Park. The locals call the cave by the name of “Gua Payau” or “Gua Rusa” and were believed to have received its name because of deer that would come by to the cave for shelter and food searching. In 1984, the cave was opened to visitors and tourism activities bloomed flourish ever since. The landscape of the Deer Cave entices approximately around 25,000 visitors globally each year. Fascinating right?

Deer cave, Mulu, Sarawak
Credit: g_salerno

2. Rajang River or Batang Rejang, Kuching

Situated in the northwest of Borneo, The Rajang River originates in the Iran Mountains. Here, expect a trip which combines adventurous exploration and beauty justification. Known as the Amazon of Borneo, the Rajang River flows through the jungles and it is one of Southeast Asia’s great river journeys! So, be sure to plan your work schedule and check out the perfect time for you to visit the ‘Batang Rejang’.

Sungai Rajang Kucing Sarawak
Credit: uonald

3. Semenggoh Nature Reserve, Kuching

The Semenggoh Nature Reserve has been operating for more than 20 years and the wardens here have trained baby orangutans who have been either rescued from the wild due to captivity or orphaned. What do they specifically train them with? Basically, survival in the wild. The triumph of this thoughtful program has left a remarkable forest reserve and a booming population of the healthy adolescent as well as young adult orangutans. So, if you were to visit this Nature Reserve, be ready to get up close with the friendly orangutans and enjoy all other activities provided here.

Orang Utan in Semenggoh Nature Reserve, Kuching
Credit: marthadelacey

4. Gunung Gading National Park, Lundu

Home to the world’s largest flower, the Rafflesia, which can grow as large as one meter in Diameter, Gunung Gading National Park is less explored but provide numerous cool and fun Nature activities to be engaged by its visitors. You can experience enjoyable strolls or test yourself to a challenging trek or perhaps check out the series of waterfalls in the vicinity. To reach the final waterfall, which is no. 7 waterfall, it will take you roughly around 1 hour.

World most biggest flowers at Gunung Gading National Park
Credit: hang36hang

5. Sarawak Cultural Village, Kuching

If you are into learning more about the culture and tradition of the Sarawakians, then head over to the Sarawak Cultural Village, Kuching as it depicts amazing customs of the different ethnics groups. Be amazed at the longhouses (Rumah Panjang), dance performances, arts and crafts such as weaving the pua, wood and bamboo carvings. The fun part about coming here is that you are not only able to watch, but you can also participate in the traditional activities done by the locals. How fun is that? Super fun!

Sarawak Cultural Village
Credit: azimhafiz09

6. Satang Island, Kuching

The Satang Island consists of two main Islands which are the ‘Pulau Satang Besar’ and ‘Pulau Satang Kecil’. They are situated In the South China Sea and is surrounded by crystal clear teal ocean. The area is protected as a sanctuary for the endangered turtles. If you were to visit this Island, you can take the time to explore the turtle conservation and hatchery area and be an advocate for the whole program. Other activities that could be done here is jungle trekking, swimming, and snorkelling!

Satang Island
Credit: the_lostmind_

7. Bako National Park, Kuching

Being the oldest yet the smallest national parks in Sarawak, the Bako National Park has its own perks. Located around 37 km from the city centre, Kuching this is the easiest National Park to reach. What can you expect when you visit this place? None other than the awesome probosci’s monkey! Other unique characteristics of this destination is that there are seven complete ecosystems that can be found here and they are:

  • beach vegetation
  • cliff vegetation
  • heath forest
  • mangrove forest
  • mixed dipterocarp forest
  • grasslands vegetation and
  • peat swamp forest

To reach the park, visitors will be lured by a magnificent view of the scenic Santubong River. If you are lucky, you might even spot the saltwater crocodiles as their habitat are the mangroves and rivers.

Bako National Park
Credit: francesccalaf

There you go! Here is our list of the undiscovered places in Sarawak, so you know what to do the very next time you’re in Sarawak.