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Here in Da Nang, the best attractions are pretty much a blend of French colonial architecture, hundreds of years of ancient Pagodas, calm beaches with crystal clear waters and of course a piece of the magnificent view from atop of a mountain. Here is a guide to the ultimate list of things to do in Da Nang. From visiting a historical museum to hiking up the magnificent Marble Mountains, Tripfez takes the lead and show you things to do and eat in Da-Nang for Muslims travellers. Check out Da Nang travel for Muslims.

1) Visit the Cham Museum

Things to Do and Eat in Da-Nang for Muslims Travellers, Cham Museum
Credit: frenchiedaddy139

We don’t know about you, but generally, when one’s visit a place, the easiest way to learn about the lifestyle, culture and practices is by visiting its museum. Thus, we believe that by visiting the Cham Museum Da Nang, it helps you to learn the roots of the Vietnamese in Da Nang dating back as far as 192 AD. This museum was founded in 1915 during the colonial French rule and it is separated into 10 exhibition rooms. There are approximately 300 terracotta and stone figures from the 7th – 15th centuries are exhibited based on their regions founded.

2) Laze around at the My Khe Beach

Things to Do and Eat in Da-Nang for Muslims Travellers, My Khe Beach
Credit: xilanhualulu

My Khe Beach got its name from the American groups who visited the place during the Vietnam War. This lovely spot boasts a 20-mile length of a white sandy beach. It has a lot of sophisticated seafood restaurants and resorts around for you to explore too. Among the famous activities to be engaged in this beach are fishing, snorkelling, jet-skiing, surfing, and sunbathing. Nearby the beach, you can opt to check out several World Heritage Sites like the Hue Imperial City, Hoi An Ancient Town, and also the Phing Nga Caves. All of these can easily be travelled to by bus.

3) Take a good photograph at the Dragon Bridge

Things to Do and Eat in Da-Nang for Muslims Travellers, Dragon Bridge
Credit: aimeetravels_

Da Nang travel for Muslims brings you to Dragon Bridge. With 666 meters in length, the Dragon Bridge is the longest bridge in Vietnam. It is a famous spot among avid-photographers. This is a six-lane bridge and it crosses the Han River with a construction resembling a golden dragon. The locals believe that this structure symbolizes nobility, power, and wealth. It is advisable to check out this bridge during the night time on the weekends as when the night falls, it will be illuminated with colourful LED while it spits out water and breathes fire. The show commences at 21:00 onwards.

4) Hike up the Monkey Mountain, Son Tra

Things to Do and Eat in Da-Nang for Muslims Travellers, Monkey Mountains
Credit: monach7

A national park in Da Nang Vietnam, the Monkey Mountain or as called by the locals as Son Tra Peninsula is a beautiful place to visit and it is located at 693 meters above sea level. The winding road up to the mountain seems to be a popular thing to be experienced by motorcyclists and for the hikers, you can enjoy hiking up the lush jungles while spotting unique species like the red face monkeys! Nestled at the top of the mountain is the Linh Ung Pagoda. It is popular among the tourists as it hosts the tallest sculpture of the Goddess of Mercy.

5) Be mesmerized by the beauty of the Marble Mountains

Things to Do and Eat in Da-Nang for Muslims Travellers, Marble Mountains
Credit: yigit_tttt

Situated at about 9 kilometres south of Da Nang, the Marble Mountains are a group of 5 limestone and marble hills within the Hoa Hai District. It is named after the natural elements of the surrounding. The peaks have their specific names such as Thuy Son (water), Moc Son (wood), Hoa Son (fire), Kim Son (metal), and Tho Son (earth). Across the mountains, visitors can see a lot of 17th-century Buddhist sanctuaries and pagoda temples. If you are a first-timer in Da Nang, it is a must thing to do to climb up the steps to the top of the Marble Mountains. At the top, you will be presented with the splendour views of the My Khe and Non-Nuoc Beach.

6) Visit the Phap Lam Pagoda

Things to Do and Eat in Da-Nang for Muslims Travellers, Phap Lam Pagoda
Credit: dahatrafik

Even though it is situated in the centre of a hectic city, the ambience of the Phap Lam Pagoda is surprisingly serene and inviting. You can see that the locals will come over to pray in the morning and monks can be seen going about their daily routines. This Pagoda is placed within a 2-storey architecture along the Ong Ich Khiem Street and it features manicured gardens, lush greeneries, and unique Buddhist sculptures. There are a few vegetarian cuisines at local restaurants and many food carts surrounding the Phap Lam Pagoda, nevertheless, the Halal aspect of them is yet to be verified.

7) Explore the Huyen Khon Cave

Huyen Khon Cave
Credit: mr_bigmon

Aside from amazing mountains and beaches, Da Nang also has beautiful caves. Huyen Khon Cave is one of the many. This cave used to be occupied by the Vietcong during the American War. The sunlight that streams through the cave is simply magnificent.

Halal Restaurant In Da Nang, Vietnam

Now, after all the exploration, do you feel hungry? If yes, let’s explore Halal cuisine in Da Nang travel for Muslims. We have to admit that it is not easy to find Halal eateries in this city as the Muslim population is rather small. As obvious as it can be, the locals here practice Buddhism as their main religion. If you would like to eat Halal food in Da Nang, you can head over to two restaurants namely Mumtaz Indian and Family Indian Restaurant.

Mumtaz Indian Restaurant

Mumtaz Indian Restaurant
Credit: kumixxstreet

Address: 1 k.m from the beach, 69 Đường Hoài Thanh, Street, Ngũ Hành Sơn, Đà Nẵng 550000, Vietnam
Operation Hour: 10:30 AM-10:30 PM
Phone: +84 236 3839 888

Family Indian Restaurant

Family Indian Restaurant
Credit: thefreespiritfoodie

Address: 231 Hồ Nghinh, Phước Mỹ, Sơn Trà, Đà Nẵng 550000, Vietnam
Operation Hour: 10:00 AM-10:00 PM
Phone: +84 94 260 52 54

There you have it! A list of cool things to do and experience in Da Nang, Vietnam and as the icing at the top, we have provided two Halal restaurants you can check out around the vicinity too. We hope that this piece gives you a heads up on what to expect on your next trip to Da Nang!

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