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13 Things To Do In Tasmania, Australia For Muslim Travelers

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Tasmania is the hidden gem of Australia that has gained immense popularity in the last few years. The island is no longer isolated anymore and is connected to all the major Australian cities. Located merely 150 miles away from the Australian mainland, it has plenty of UNESCO world heritage sites and astonishing natural wonders. From the rugged peninsula to the exotic beaches, it will let see a plethora of different sites. It doesn’t matter if you are visiting it with family or if it’s a solo trip, the island has a lot of things to offer to every Muslim traveler.

Here are the top 13 things to do in Tasmania:


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Chances are that you are going to commence your journey from Hobart, which is the capital city of the state and one of the oldest Australian cities. It has an age-old charm and hosts plenty of 19th century architecture. One of the things to do here in this city of Tasmania is to take a stroll around the city and visit the local market.

Hobart Mosque

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When you are already in the capital city, pay its local mosque a visit. It has a modern architecture and will let you experience something divine and peaceful in a foreign land. You can easily take some time out in the middle of your trip and seek for Allah’s blessings here.

Museum of Old and New

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The art museum will definitely give you an unexpected treat. There are plenty of modern and classic pieces of art here that you would love to admire.

Tasmanian Wilderness

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It is the UNESCO world heritage area and constitute of almost 20% of the island. It consists of plenty of natural parks and wildlife reserves. With over 1.6 million hectares of area, this one can’t be missed by any traveler.

Wellington Bay

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Nothing can beat the view of the sunset from the Wellington Bay. Take a stroll around the bay and capture a hauntingly beautiful picture of the sea.

Salamanca Market

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The capital city also hosts a local street market every Saturday. A major tourist attraction, you can get plenty of local artifacts at a tempting price from this market.

Bay of Fire

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If you are going to the northeastern part of the island, then you should definitely check out this dreamy bay. It stretches for 50 kilometers from Eddystone Point to the Binalong Bay and features an exotic play of colors. The view of contrasting red stones and midnight blue ocean waves certainly can’t be missed.

Bridestowe Estate

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The estate hosts plenty of delectable flowers and herbs that will give your senses a treat. If you are traveling during the first half of the year, then don’t forget to visit its limitless lavender fields.

Table Cape

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Visiting the island during the other half of the year? Don’t worry, you can still catch a scenic view of tulip farms at Table Caple. If you are traveling in October, you can attend the local Blooming Tulips Festival as well.

Cradle Mountain

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If you are an adventure junkie, then go for a hiking expedition at the widely renowned range of Cradle Mountain. Located in the Central Highlands, the peak will let you witness one of the most unforgettable views of your life.

Russell Falls

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When you are in the Central Highlands, don’t forget to visit this cascading waterfall a visit. You might stumble upon it while hiking and would love to make it your pitstop for sure.

Port Arthur

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The UNESCO heritage landmark was originally a site for convict settlement. Today, it is visited by hundreds of travelers every day for its scenic beauty and classic architecture.

Tessellated Pavement

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This is one of the best-kept secrets of the island and is located nearby Port Arthur. The Tessellated Pavements features a rugged coastline and will act as a perfect venue to put an end to your memorable trip. You would fall in love with the calm and soothing ambiance of this place.

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