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9 Unusual Facts About Airlines in Asia

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Travelling to Asia has a ton of perks. Not only will you get the ultimate travel experience, but you’ll also meet hospitable locals, see new things, and learn about the unique history each country the continent has! But there’s one thing we always forget… the journey to get there. There are actually a few things we can learn and laugh about when it comes to knowing about some facts on the airlines around Asia.

Here are some unusual facts about airlines in Asia that may tickle your funny bone (or more)!

Top 9 Unusual Facts About Airlines in Asia

1. A pilot from China Eastern Airlines once confessed to CNN that pilots and copilots need to eat different meals in case one of them causes food poisoning. This is so that one pilot will be able to fly the plane, while the other… Can look for ways to relieve the pain! Another plus: Pilots have meals from the first class, while copilots eat meals from the business class.

2. The busiest airport in China is Guangzhou, and it’s known to be the second busiest airport in the world! Over 86 million people were handled in the airport during the year 2014. It may be due to the fact that Guangzhou is one of the most populated cities in the world, with over 20 million living there. Plus, it’s got good food and the Canton tower, the third tallest building in the world, which may be why many love to visit the city.


3. The longest scheduled flight came from Singapore Airlines, from Newark to Singapore. It took 18.5 hours! After that, they canceled all direct flights from Singapore to USA and vice versa.

4. Singapore Airlines is also the second largest buyer of Dom Perignon champagne. Talk about the fancy drinks people must have during the flight! They spend about $16 million on wine, and a whopping $700 million on food every year.

5. Air Asia has served over 1.3 million nasi lemak meals around the world since 2013! It must be that delicious, so now you know what to order next time.

6. Air Asia has 140,000 passengers every day. Known as one of the low-cost airlines, you can probably see why thousands travel with them.

7. The Philippine Airlines (PAL) is the oldest airline in Asia and the official airlines of the Philippines. It started out in 1941 and took its first flight from Manila to Baguio. It was also the first to cross the Pacific Ocean!

8. Pilots from Indian airlines would fly for about 24 to 26 days a month on average, while the average pilot and airline would fly for 9 and 14 days a month. Talk about hard work and passion in what they do!

9. All international airline staff speaks English. It’s the main requirement when applying for any airline. While it’s great to speak in your native language, you will need to learn the universal language of English to understand most (if not all) passengers on airlines!

It’s best to learn more about your airline and what they have to offer because you never know about the hacks you are able to find out when traveling! That’s why it’s important to plan ahead and make sure you’ve got a good airline for safe and quality travel. After all, your time on the air is part of the travel experience!

Did you enjoy the article or have more unusual facts on airlines in Asia? Then leave a comment down below, we’d love to hear your airline stories!

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