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Top 5 Halal Food in Xian

​When talking about Xian, China, one of the first things that might come into our mind would be the majestic Terracotta Warriors of Qin Shi Huang; but did you know that Xian can offer you more than a history lesson? A paradise for foodies, not many realised that this perk also applies to Muslim food lovers!​​​​​​​​​

Yes, we all know how hard it can be to find Halal foods abroad but at Xian Muslim Street (which is included in our Xian’s itinerary!), you will be delighted to see a wide array of permissible foods that you can try. From selections of easy to eat street foods to a variety of wholesome meals, we have compiled the top five halal food you should try when you are in Xian! (You’re welcome in advance 😊)

1. Steamed Rice Cake

credit: @bkk_adam

Considered as most sought-after food in Muslim Street as you can find those who’ve been to Xian posting it on their Instagram! A dessert highly unique to Xian, Gui Hua Gao (glutinous rice cake), with its striking, hazard-yellow colour, and artful presentation beckons closer inspection. Trust us, you’ll love snacking on these rice carb sticks, which are topped with candied red dates. A must try! ​ ​

Tripfez’s Tip: Average price is 10RMB (RM6)

2. Hot and Sour Dumpling Soup

Xian has its own brand of dumplings called the Suantang Shuijao. They specialise in mutton dumplings bathed in hot and sour soup, the meat in the dumplings are tender with an explosion of flavour, as the meat is seasoned with Xianese spices which have a Middle Eastern influence. They boil the regular Shui Jiao dumplings in the hot and sour soup to add extra flavour to the dumplings. Sesame seeds, chopped leeks and cilantro give a flavourful kick to the broth, giving a unique aftertaste. Slurpsss!

Tripfez’s Tip: Average price is 10RMB (RM6)

3. Sour Milk

credit: @ames_68

Amid your food hunting, let’s try something refreshing by drinking this freshly made yogurt.Most milk in China is UHT treated, with raw milk getting a bad rap from contamination incidents over the years. This makes China’s suan nai (sour milk yoghurt) drinks more unique. This drink is plum-sweet, with a little bit of viscosity and milk solids that made for a very tasty number.

Tripfez’s Tip: Average price is 10RMB (RM6) 

4. Tofu

Did you know that eating tofu helps in decreasing the risk of getting a cardiovascular disease? So, let’s try this cuisine that is rich with benefits. Authentic Szechuan style mapo tofu is one of the branding dishes of Szechuan cuisine. It is spicy, numbing, hot, aromatic and tender. Sounds yummy? Come on and join our Xian trip then

Tripfez’s Tip: Average price is 9-10RMB (RM5-6) 

5. Yang Rou Chuan

Meat lovers, you might not want to miss this opportunity to try the Chinese style lamb kebab. A Chinese dish originated from the north-western province of Xinjiang, Yang RouChuan has skyrocketed in popularity and now features heavily on China’s street-food scene especially in the Muslim street. Imagine walking down the street and you see these little skewer bars are being set up to sizzle your appetite! You must try these spicy morsels on a stick and be floored by its finest taste!

Tripfez’s Tip: Average price is 9-10RMB (RM5-6) 

In Xian, there’s plenty to see, no doubt, but there is even more to eat. Bring the biggest appetite you can muster – Xian’s streets & alleys await! Explore and discover Xi’an yourself with Tripfez’s 5D4N Xian package at our website www.tripfez.com or read more about it here!