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Off to Land Down Under? Here’s 5 Tips for First Time Travellers to Australia!

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What comes to your mind when you come across words like,“Kangaroo”, “Boomerang”, “G’day, mate” and etc..

YES, mate! “Astrayaaaa”, here we come!

Famously known as the Land Down Under, Australia is perfect for first time travellers and backpackers who live for thrills and adventure. Let us list down top 5 things you should know before visiting this beautiful country!


1. Australia is shockingly Muslim – friendly!


A lot of Muslim travellers are hesitant to go to Australia because of the rumours they heard. Well, well, don’t believe with the rumours…..because you might missed out on discovering something awesome! In fact, Australia is home to a small community of Muslims from all over the world. They have muslim-friendly and halal restaurants, parks and a whole load more of fun, Muslim-friendly activities! We got proof in case any of you had doubt about it. ???? (All images below are from Tripfez’s Group Tour Series to Perth!)


Muslim – friendly restaurant




Caversham Wildlife Park





Blue Boat house 


Shopping sesh! ????

2.Don’t underestimate just how huge Australia is!

Many travellers don’t realise just how big Australia is until they’ve arrived! Did you know that Australia is the 6th largest country in the world and bigger than the size of all the European Union countries put together?! You’ll need to plan your route carefully to get the most out of your Australian adventure or you could spend most of your time on the road. Eeekks. The drive between Sydney to Cairns takes 30 hours (whoaa!)!  If you have limited time in Australia, then please, plan ahead your trip or just stick to explore one region or city.


3.You can drive around and explore Australia

There are many ways of travelling around Australia and explore the country, but if you ask me what my favourite way of exploring land down under is, I have no doubt: self-driving in Australia is the way to go!

Although road tripping is more fun with a friend, a partner or family, also for the solo traveller on the road driving is an excellent way of visiting places in Australia.

Some of my best adventures have been on the Australian roads and solo! However, as a keen solo traveller, it took me a long time to get familiar with the idea of driving around Australia on my own.

I first tried out a few easy road trips with a friend and loved it. This helped me build confidence when driving solo in Australia.

Here is a practical list of tips about what you need for driving in Australia as a visitor.

Licence Requirements for tourists in Australia
You need an English driving license for driving in Australia as a tourist. What if you are not from an English-speaking country?

Do you need an international driver’s license to drive in Australia? Yes, you do.

If you don’t have an English driving license, you will need a translation into English of a valid driving license for driving a car in Australia

4.Check the weather – it does get cold in Australia


Contrary to popular belief – Australia is not always boiling hot! If you arrive in the Southern parts like Melbourne in July, then it will be cold. Also, I bet you don’t know that you can even ski in Australia in the winter! When planning your trip Down Under, it’s wise to be mindful of the weather seasons – winter is from June to Aug in the Southern part, so it’s best to head up North for warmer weather. Avoid visiting the tropical North in the Summer (Dec – Feb) as it’s the rainy season, but this is the perfect time to head over the southern part,though and enjoy the dr(ier) weather!

5. See if you are eligible for a holiday visa!

Everyone, with the exception of Australian or New Zealand citizens, requires a visa prior to travelling to Australia. Their immigration department processes visa applications and applications for citizenship by descent, for people who are resident in Malaysia and Brunei. Malaysians, check their website here to apply for Electronic Travel Authority. 

Have you been to Australia? Do you have any more tips for first time visitors?


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