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For a 4-day and 3-night or 5-day and 4-night stay, Tripfez has listed among the top 5 international destinations you can travel to with a superbly affordable budget travel destinations under RM1500. Guess what? This is inclusive of air tickets! I also have listed some hotel suggestions so that you can stretch your budget for other activities exploring a new city. Travelling doesn’t have to create a hole in your pocket, all you need is a thorough research and voila, in no time you are experiencing the time of your life. So, are you ready? Check out these 5 travel destinations to visit under RM1500.

Solo, Indonesia

Overview – Solo or Surakarta is seen as the softer version of Yogyakarta. A trip to this royal city gives you an authentic experience as it’s a mix of breathtaking temples, inviting outdoors, and sumptuous local delicacies. Solo personifies the classy and refined ethics of the Javanese culture. Don’t forget to bring some souvenirs home especially the infamous batik cloth!

Some of the interesting destinations in Solo which requires little expenses are:

  • Grand Mosque Kraton Surakarta
  • Sukuh, Cetho and waterfalls
  • Saturday night market Ngarsopuro

Cheap Hotel Price – Amarelo Hotel, Solo, Indonesia
Currency Exchange – RM 1 = Indonesia Rupiah 3188.67

Travel destinations under RM1500: Masjid Agung Kraton Surakarta
Credit: san_trilawas

Khon Kaen, Thailand

Overview – Being the administrative, commercial, and educational centre of the Northeast, it is often described by travellers as the perfect spot for visiting many parts of upper Isan. Khon Kaen is youthful, cultivated and on the move. There are more than enough fascinating lures and good facilities to make a visit memorable. Once here, you can visit Khon Kaen National Museum for a historical experience, Rim Bueng Market for a little bit of shopping or visit Wat Nong Wang for sightseeing discoveries. Everything in Khon Kaen is cheap and affordable!

Cheap Hotel Price – SF Biz Hotel. Khon Kaen, Thailand
Currency Exchange – RM 1 = Thai Baht 8.61

Wat Nong Rang, Thailand
Credit: pisarakani

Kochi, India

Overview – Kochi, previously known as Cochin, is a very famous city in the Kerala state of India. Dubbed as ‘Queen of Arabian Sea’ it is also proud to be known as the world’s supreme natural harbour. Among the places to visit around Kochi are Backwaters, Fort Kochi, Hill Palace Archaeological Museum, Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica and many more.

Cheap Hotel Price – Hotel Srinivas Kochi, India
Currency Exchange – RM 1 = Indian Rupee 16.45

Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica, Kochi
Credit: tale_of_monuments

Da Nang, Vietnam

Overview – Da Nang, which was previously occupied by the Americans and the French marks the midway point between the capitals in the north, Ho Chi Minh City in the south, and Hanoi. Some of Da Nang attractions which are superbly cheap, affordable and some are even free include; Da Nang Marble Mountains, Han Market, Cham Pa Museum, and Ba Na Mountain Resort.  Apart from its shopping highlights and ancient sights, the leading reason for most wanderers visiting Da Nang is its proximity to the famous China Beach, Lang Co Beach, Hoi An and My Son.

Cheap Hotel Price – Mayana Hotel Da Nang, Vietnam
Currency Exchange – RM 1 = Vietnamese Dong 5471.56

Travel destinations under RM1500: My Son Temple, Vietnam
Credit: sajaza1i

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Overview – Despite its tiny size which is just 37.31 km², astonishingly Colombo offers an erratic selection of experience ranging from taking a tuk-tuk ride, a shopping spree at the infamous Pettah market, indulging Kottu, playing a round of golf or perhaps having a high tea session at one of the colonial-style hotels overseeing the crystal clear Indian Ocean. Some of the famous attractions in Colombo are:

  • The Arcade/Independence Square
  • Nelum Pokuna Mahinda Rajapaksa Theatre
  • Floating Market
  • Jami Ul-Alfar Mosque
  • Green Path
  • The Central Point – Economic History Museum
  • National Museum, Puppetry and Children’s Museum and many more.

Cheap Hotel Price – Clock Inn Colombo
Currency Exchange – RM 1 = Sri Lankan Rupee 35.32

Floating Market, Colombo
Credit: smth.png

Have you visited any of these destinations?

Let us know about your experience in the comments below. These are the list of places that are prepared just for you. As you notice, all these places are uncommon travel destinations. I personally love Solo, Indonesia as it is rich with culture and once there, It makes me feel like home (maybe because that’s where I’m from, my grandpa is from Solo, Indonesia!). The ultimate tip for this list is that the air ticket flights we have chosen are really cheap and affordable. It is being kept under RM700 so it doesn’t exceed the halfway mark of the RM1,500 budget.

The rest of the amount left is carefully being spent on comfortable yet very cheap accommodations. And the rest, all you need to know is how to smartly budget your food, the places you go, as well the stuff you ought to buy for souvenirs. Additional info, if you are willing to put on a little bit more effort on research, you can even make the budget lower to below RM1,000. But then again, always be sure to put your priorities in order to make it easier for you. Remember, travelling is supposed to be fun and it doesn’t have to make you broke once you are back from your international escapade. Hopefully, this article will help you to get some ideas on travel destinations that you can visit under RM1500. ENJOY!