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“I Had a Ski Accident & Almost Died…” – Syed Mohamed Arif

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Even a life-threatening experience won’t stop him from travelling…Check out Syed Mohamed Arif interview…

T: A short bio about yourself, A 3-4 lines that best describe you, what you do for a living and so…
S: My name is Syed Mohamed Arif, 25 years old and I just finished studying masters in engineering for international development at University College London. I am currently unoccupied as I had just come back from London. I would describe myself as a very outgoing person. I love to travel and I am very adventurous.

T: Where have you been?
S: As a student, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to study in the United Kingdom. Fairly, I’ve been to a few countries but not as much as my other friends have been. Notably, I’ve been to Greece, Germany, Switzerland, France, Holland, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bosnia, and Montenegro. I might miss a few though.

T: What’s your favourite place so far? Why?
S: My favourite place so far is definitely Switzerland. I’ve been there three times. I love it because of the beautiful nature that it has, the efficient public transportation and of course…the views are magnificent.

T: One unforgettable travel experience or incident that sticks in your mind…?
S: One incident that I will never forget is when I went to Switzerland for the first time. I had a ski accident there and  I almost died. I tore my ACL (my right knee ligament was torn). I suffered for months.

T: What was the most challenging thing about travelling with friends?
S: The thing I would say about travelling with friends is that you have to follow everyone’s timing and the different type of food everyone wants to eat.

T: What place is top of your bucket list?
S: As of right now I have 2 places on top of my bucket list, Iceland and Norway.

T: One advice to travellers?
S: Always plan ahead, get to know Google maps better as it would help you a lot; It gives great reviews of the place that you’re going to.