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“Don’t Live By Your Guidebook!” – Danial Asyraf

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Meet Danial Asyraf, graduates from the University of Wales, UK and find out what inspires him to travel…

T: A short bio about yourself, A 3-4 lines that best describe you, what you do for a living and so…
: My name is Muhammad Danial Asyraf, Bachelor in Professional Communication majoring in film studies and just got back from University of Wales, UK. I see myself as a vital part of the Malaysian film-making landscape as well as in media industries and right now I engage myself more in creating an event for Malaysian youth about the entrepreneur and currently sending my film documentary (about Rohingya in Bangladesh) to an international film festival.

Credit: Danial Asyraf

T: Where have you been?
I’ve been to several countries around the world from Arabic continent, European as well as Asian countries. I’ve been to Makkah, Madinah, Wales, United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, Singapore and many other countries to mention.

Credit: Danial Asyraf

T: What’s your favourite place so far? Why?
D: The best place I’ve been and cannot be compared with others was during my time Makkah back in 2008. To see a huge Kaaba in front of my eyes was really amazing, how majestic it was. But if you ask me my favourite place would definitely be Belgium! Besides their long history (I love history), buildings and culture, the food was amazing! Especially the waffle where you can get it for just a pound.  The toppings, just name it from strawberry to chocolate (only use Nutella!) it was so amazing. The people were polite and I’m quite surprised the majority of the people are Muslim. Feels like I’m in an Arabic country. Besides the waffle, the seafood was massive, so huge especially the oyster, the paella, and the prawn. Fantastically delicious!

Credit: Danial Asyraf

T: What was the most challenging thing about travelling?
D:  The most challenging part of travelling to other countries besides money (because I’m still a student) is the language barrier. Not all countries use English as the conversation medium with tourist for example Spain. Most of the time when I was there, I have to use sign language to communicate or body language. It was tough but somehow it taught me to be universal meaning I think I have to learn other languages besides English and Arabic.

Credit: Danial Asyraf

T: What place is top of your bucket list?
D: Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand!

Credit: Danial Asyraf

T: One advice to travellers?
D: Don’t live by your guidebook! People are your best resource for up-to-the-minute travel information

Credit: Danial Asyraf

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