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“You Can Lose Everything In Life Except…” – Juergen Gallistl

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T: A short bio about yourself? A line or two that best describe you, what you do for living and etc.

J: I am Juergen and I am working for Tripfez. My most exciting travel adventure was a trip around the world for 6 months after I concluded my Master’s degree. It was one of my most exciting experience and it made me change the view of the world in total. I believe that you can lose everything in your life, money, success or other things. But you cannot lose the amazing memories you made during your travels.

T: Where’s your favourite place you’ve travelled?

J: My favourite place I visited was the Australian outback. You are so close to nature, to life. You can go there unhappy and with many sorrows, but the magic of the place will just make you happy and content.

T: What was the best moment of the entire trip?

J: The best moment of my trip was when I was blessed by pilgrims while climbing Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka. It was a magical moment.

T: What was the hardest or most frustrating part of the trip?

J: It is hard when you get sick during a trip. I had a really bad stomachache once during my trip. When you feel that terrible and you are in another country, where you don’t speak the language and you don’t know the local infrastructure where to find help, it is the hardest moment. You just would like to be at home in your own bed.

T: Did anything go wrong that seems funny now?

J: I was running into an open metal door, cause I was looking to the other side and did not realize it. At that time it was just embarrassing and very painful. By now it became a very funny moment of my trip.

T: What was the funniest/strangest/most insightful thing a local ever said to you?

J: I really don’t like rain. But in New Zealand a local told me, he always refers to rain as liquid sunshine. I will always remember that when it rains. I still do not like rain, but at least his reference always makes me smile every time.

T: Where do you want to go next?

J: I would like to go to Machu Picchu and Cuzco to see the ritual pathways in the desert.

T: What can’t you travel without?

J: My shaver, otherwise I look like Yeti in 3 days.

T: Do you prefer solo travel or with someone else?

J: When I was younger I did not mind to travel solo. Now I prefer to travel together with someone. It is nice to share the experience with a person you truly know.

T: Where would you revisit? Would you ever move to any of those cities?

J: I would like to revisit Hawaii. I really enjoyed the time there. However, I would not like to move there, I think every place would lose the magic of a travel experience once you move there.