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“You’ll Get A Lot Of Reaction From The Local Especially Those Who Are Not Familiar With Hijabs” – Nur Afzan

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T: A short bio about yourself? 3-4 lines that best describe you, what you do for a living and so…

N: I’m Nur Afzan (Afzan), 24 yrs old from Ampang, Selangor. I’m currently working in Penang under Continental Automotive Components Malaysia as a software engineer. I’ve been actively involved in outdoor activities and travelling now and then ever since I graduated from Universiti Malaysia Pahang in 2015.

T: What you would want to be known for besides travelling? (something that no one knows about you)

N: That I’m one awesome software engineer though I’m a female and that I always bring my favourite dessert everywhere I go (Instagram: @meswndelicacies)

T: What inspires you to travel cheap when many choose to go with 5-star accommodation and the best airlines to fly with?

N: To spend much on accommodation for me is somehow not worth it, as the time spend there is only limited for sleeping. I would rather spend my day out exploring every nook and crook of the destination. As for the airlines, it is somehow those cheap flights and promotion that get me excited to travel actually.

T: Your favourite local destination and why?

N: Local? I would say Sabah. Definitely Semporna, Sabah. Where else can you find our very own local Maldives in Malaysia? Several islands surrounding it including Mabul, Kapalai and Mataking. White sandy beach with crystal clear water that is abundant with wildlife, you can swim along with turtles and go on a hike at Bohey Dulang that have the majestic view of the island.

T: Your best travel incident/story that might inspire young women to travel?

N: To start travelling is always the hardest. Everyone has the mentality of “I want to travel” but always end up with excuses. I would say my most interesting trip was to Boracay, Philippines. It is when I actually book the ticket without further thinking. The trip was with my friends who never travelled on their own. We went there with no accommodation booked beforehand, no activities set and definitely no guide. But it was one of my best travel experience as everything flowed nicely and accordingly. We’ve got a very nice room with a price you can haggle. We also got on a little adventure finding Halal restaurant and the food was magnificent. It was such an independent trip and the least prepared one for me, but it was also the greatest one so far.

T: What would like to say to Muslim women about travelling (Encouraging words/why they should travel and so)

N: Travelling can help you keep stress at bay. You’ll get a whole lot of reaction from the locals especially those who are not familiar with hijabs. In a way, we are promoting Islam as well. We’re Muslim women and yes we can travel. Alone? Why not? Experience the unfamiliar. Get out of the comfort zone and just go!