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The ULTIMATE 5 Challenges as a Muslim Traveller (especially ladies!)

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Has it ever crossed your mind that these challenges you would face in the future during your trip?


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Well, ya akhi ya ukhti, we have listed out 5 common problems that commonly happened to Muslim traveller during a trip.


  1. Menstruation or period


New Girl

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Do you feel the cramp? Yeah that possibly could happen to you once in a blue moon, right? Ladies, DO NOT PANIC! Come on, cheer up and chin up because we will get through this together ok. Sometimes in life, an unexpected incident such as menstruation DURING TRAVELLING may……become a nuisance to some of us because of the ‘flow’…



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You might be curious about how to change your pad in the public toilet especially when you are travelling abroad. These two items must have in your bags when you know that you are going to have your menstruation or having it at the moment

a. Extra mineral water bottle.

To fill up some water to wash off the blood stains on your pad. Bidet toilet may not have bum gun hoses and it is such a difficulty for some of us to wash our pad and it is not proper to wash it off at the toilet sink. So, by using mineral water bottle, your curiosity has been answered!

b. Newspaper

After you have done with washing off your blood stains, do not forget to fold it in two layers of newspaper (at least) to ensure that when you throw it into the bin, it will not dirty the bin.


  1. Halal assurance

We know what you think! Nowadays, it is no longer a problem for you when it comes to “What do I need to eat eh? Is its legit halal-standard?” There are a lot of mobile applications for you to download and check the restaurants nearby before you dig in the menu. Apart from that, you need to do some research background or go through the comment or review sections on the possible restaurants that you can consider dropping by to eat when you going on that trip.


Sharifah Rose

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  1. Prayer Spaces

5 times prayer in a day compulsory to the Muslims unless there is a valid reason to not perform their prayer. To perform a prayer, one needs to take ablution or ‘wudhu’, then proceed with performing one without hesitation.


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If you are at the outside of the hotel, try to find a mosque if possible, in order to perform your prayer. But if the place does not have a mosque, try to find a hidden spot that clean and you can put your prayer mat and perform prayer at that moment.


  1. Scam

“You have been scammed!” There are no words can describe how disappointed you are when you have been scammed in a foreign country. Do not worry, if you found out that you have been scammed by the local, first and foremost you must contact and inform the embassy.



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You must be very extra careful and cautious when you are going on a trip because if you are careless, you might lose your valuable item! #truestory. There are a few kinds of scams that you may notice while you are travelling:

  • Overcharge broken taxi meter.
  • Closed booked hotel.
  • Free bracelets.
  • Friendly helper at the ATM.
  • Fake officer
  • Mother and child begging
  • Bump and grab/overcrowded and grab
  1. Safety

Alert with your surrounding! Pay attention to your valuable items especially your passport, visa, wallet and so on. Shout if you feel unsafe, beware of the pickpockets because they are good in tricking people. Make sure to make a copy of your passport and other important documents and keep it safe. Stay safe everyone!



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