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Umrah’s Checklist Before You Leave Home!

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“When Ramadan comes, go for ‘Umrah, as ‘Umrah in (that month) is equivalent to Hajj.” Al-Bukhari (1782) and Muslim (1256)

Allah has answered your prayers to perform Umrah and now you have to prepare yourself  mentally, spiritually AND.. physically, figuratively.  In case you haven’t packed for your Umrah visit and you have no idea what to bring for Umrah? Don’t worry we have a checklist that you can refer to.

  • Ihram Clothing
  • Ihram Belt
  • Normal Clothing
  • Baju Melayu (optional)
  • Jubah
  • Sarong/Kain Pelikat
  • Towel
  • Slippers
  • Bag for slippers
  • Telekung
  • Mini Telekung
  • Normal Clothing
  • Umrah Socks
  • Socks
  • Slippers


Example of Ihram Belt

credit: shopee



Here are the important items that usually people did not focus on!


Please bring your own medicine especially for those who have a specific prescription from a doctor or hospital. 

Nose filter/NOSK


This is the most important thing that people might not know or familiar with. This will filter any dust or sand while performing your Umrah.

Travel Adapter


Bring your own travel adapter or else you won’t be able to charge your phone or anything else.

Spray Bottle for ‘wudhu’


You can get any spray bottle and use it to take ‘wudhu’. This might seems as something unimportant or unrelated but however, based on experience, this is the most important thing to bring and very convenient especially when you did something that can cause you to lose your ‘wudhu’.

Body Cream/Toiletries without any fragrance (no smell)


You may choose any body cream or toiletries that you like however without smell or fragrance. This is because you might get punished (dam) and your umrah will never be complete. Bring your own cream since the weather is unpredictable but hot.



Protect your eyes from the hot sun. Besides, it is sandy there.

Nail Clipper


Bring your own nail clipper because this is the only chance to follow sunnah there.


Don’t forget to bring enough money and keep some in case of emergency.



Phew, now that we got you covered on the checklist, let’s perform Umrah with our MATTA Fair promo Umrah Package

Much love,

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