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10 Useful Tips For Budget Travellers

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You’ve worked hard, saved up every cent you could, and now you are ready to start that big travel adventure! The real question is: “How can I really make my money last?”. Travelling can be an expensive affair and stretching every dollar counts when you’re trying to make the most out of your trip. We love saving a couple dollars here and there too, so here are 10 of our favourite tips to help you get more bang for your buck!

1) Book Early, Fly Smart

Booking your tickets in advance could save you a big chunk of cash, especially if the airline you’re looking to fly with has deals on their economy seats. Picking off-peak seasons or midweek days (we recommend a Tuesday or Wednesday) would give you lower prices too, and it’ll save you dreading the long queues at the airport. If you’re only travelling for a couple of days, try to pack lighter and opt for only hand luggage that’ll save you the money you’d use for checking it in.

2) Plan Ahead

While travelling spontaneously is fun, it can also cost you a lot of time and money. The best way to maximize both of these when you’re on a budget is to plan what you want to do while you’re travelling. This will leave less to chance, meaning that you’d save on unexpected costs like last-minute flights, accommodation, or even transportation that could sometimes cost a lot more otherwise.

3) Embrace Public Transport

Public transportation is the perfect way to not only save some moolah but also to experience the local lifestyle. Trains, buses and even boats could be cheaper than hailing taxis all over the place. Just make sure you’re safe when you’re getting around!

4) Stay in Cheaper Accommodation

One of the biggest costs when travelling has to be accommodation. While dropping a couple hundred on a nice hotel room can feel good and luxurious, it would be really counterproductive to your goal of travelling on a budget. Just because a place is cheap doesn’t mean it’s dodgy; there are many affordable options for a safe and comfortable stay. Look out for hostels, Airbnbs, budget hotels or see if you can even stay with a friend. After all, you’ll be spending most of your travels out and about exploring anyway!

5) Eat Where The Locals Eat

Tourist laden food spots and non-local cuisine will most often cost more than the local food, after all, locals usually know where the best and cheapest food is! Take a look around local markets to find inspiration and try out some good eats without breaking the bank!

6) Pack All You Need

Packing whatever you need for the trip will help you make sure you don’t spend money buying things you already have. Just in case you’re looking to share some items, always, ALWAYS bring enough underwear for the trip, because you can always borrow a shirt, but it’s not really a good idea to borrow underwear.

7) Bring Your Own Water Bottle

You gotta stay hydrated while you travel, so bring your own bottles with you! Many places will have free water dispensers while you’re out and about, plus it saves you a couple bucks and helps out the environment too!

8) Look For Free Things To Do

Search for free things that you can do locally! Hike in parks, check out museums, wander art galleries, or even just take a walk around where you’re staying. Who knows? You might even learn a new thing or two!

9) Learn to Haggle

A souvenir from the local market caught your eye? Bargain to get the prices down! Just make sure you’re doing it respectfully and know when to stop and pay a decent price.

10) Check out Tripfez!

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