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12 Must See Picturesque Destinations in Adelaide

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Adelaide has something for everyone. Whether your idea of a holiday in Adelaide is to kick back and relax amidst good food and lovely cityscapes, or to embark on epic adventures through the back country surrounding the city, it’s easy to find something to fancy in Adelaide. So where should you go on your trip to Adelaide? We’ve picked 12 must see destinations in Adelaide and just beyond it.

Adelaide Botanic Garden

Enjoy gardens of flowers and greenery at Adelaide Botanic Garden
The entrance of Adelaide Botanic Garden.

The Adelaide Botanical Garden is dedicated to showcasing Australia-native flora as well as plants from all over the world. It’s particularly famous for its rose gardens: the International Rose Garden, which features more than 5,000 roses; and the National Rose Trial Garden, established for determining which roses will survive the Australian climate. The Adelaide Botanic Garden is also home to the historic Santos Museum of Economic Botany.

Adelaide Hills

Adelaide Hills has become a collection of small towns
Fascinating view at Adelaide Hills, South Australia.

The Adelaide Hills is nestled on the foothills of the Mount Lofty Ranges just east. A must see in Adelaide, this is one of the regions first settled by Europeans in South Australia. Adelaide Hills has become a collection of small towns, each with its distinct character. The Hills is also the location of a number of conservation parks and notable hiking trails.

Adelaide Zoo

Plenty of wildlife at Adelaide Zoo
A cheeky Meerkat spotted at Adelaide Zoo | Credit: @clicks_by_rupinder_aulakh

The second oldest zoo in Australia, Adelaide Zoo is home to around 1,800 animals. These creatures belong to 300 species native to Australia and from all over the world. Among these animals, the biggest crowd-drawers to the zoo are the giant pandas. Adelaide Zoo additionally contains the biggest aviaries in Australia.

Art Gallery of South Australia

Art Gallery of South Australia houses many extraordinary art
Art Gallery of South Australia.

The Art Gallery of South Australia contains the second largest art collection in the country. The Gallery is famous for its impressive exhibits of Australian art, including Indigenous Australian and colonial art. Among the artworks displayed at the Gallery are works of noted British painters such as Thomas Gainsborough and Peter Lely. Also, works by Goya and Rodin are present here.

Ayers Historic House Museum

Ayers Historic House Museum was the home of Sir Henry Ayers
The living room at Ayers House | Credit: @grafitism

The Ayers Historic House Museum was once the home of Sir Henry Ayers, an industrialist who became a five-time Premier of South Australia during the late 1800s. A prime example of Regency architecture in Adelaide, Ayers House now serves as a museum, a restaurant, and a social functions venue. The house and museum have on display many of the original furnishings used by the Ayers family during their occupation of the house, providing a glimpse of upper-class living in Adelaide in the 1800s.

Cleland Conservation Park

Kangaroos are native animals of Australia
A kangaroo spotted smiling for the camera | Credit: @lucycmfrancis

One of the nature parks, Cleland Conservation Park protects the natural flora and fauna growing around Mount Lofty. Aside from Mount Lofty, another must see features of the park include Waterfall Gully, the largest waterfall in the park. Finally, Cleland Wildlife Park, where visitors can get close to Australia’s endemic wildlife.


Visitors of the beach love to surf and dive at Glenelg Beach
Visitors of Glenelg beach are trying local waters with rented boats.

If you want to experience beach living in Adelaide, head on to the seaside suburb of Glenelg. It’s a popular place to go diving and surfing, as well as swimming with the dolphins. Glenelg is a must see in Adelaide as it is the oldest settlement in mainland South Australia. Even more, you can also explore its rich heritage on a bicycle tour. For foodies, dining while watching the sun set at Glenelg is an experience you won’t forget. Above all, this beach offers so much more than just your average beach.

Hallett Cove Conservation Park

Hallett Cove Conservation Park is a protected area famous for its unique geographical features
The stairs leading to Hallett Cove Conservation Park | Credit: @hayley_lamh

Hallett Cove Conservation Park, located just south of Adelaide on Gulf St. Vincent, is a protected area famous for its unique geographical features. The Cove also holds great cultural significance. This is due to it being an archaeological site where more than 1,700 artifacts of Aboriginal culture were found. Hallett Cove is one of the most famous archaeological dig sites in Australia.

Holy Trinity Church

The Holy Trinity Church is the largest Anglican church in South Australia
Holy Trinity Church of South Australia.

The Holy Trinity Church is the largest Anglican church in South Australia and one of Adelaide’s most famous landmarks. It is an architectural treasure, considered a prime example of Anglican church building in the country in the early 1800s. Among the church’s remarkable features are its “peak cap” tower, clock, and William IV window.

Kangaroo Island

Scenic views at Kangaroo Island
The Remarkable Rocks at Kangaroo Island.

The third largest island off the Australian mainland, Kangaroo Island lies just southwest of Adelaide. Tourists flock here for a chance to see the island’s unique geological formations. Some of them include the Flinders Chase National Park, the sea lions at the Seal Bay Conservation Park, the sand dunes of Little Sahara, and the penguins at the Kangaroo Island Penguin Center. Furthermore, Kangaroo Island is also a huge producer of Ligurian honey.

Rundle Mall

One of the famous malls in Adelaide
Famous balls of Rundle mall.

Rundle Mall is a pedestrian street mall that forms the heart of Adelaide’s central commercial district. This street mall is where you’ll find the South Australia flagship stores of many leading Australian retailers. Not forgetting other globally recognized brands. Aside from its boutiques and shops, the mall is also famous for its sculptures.

These must see destinations in Adelaide surely have got your attention right? Australia has so much more to offer, why not read up on them in articles we’ve listed here!

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