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5D4N In Sydney For Muslim Budget Travelers

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Australia is abundant with amusing cultural background, unique history, fantastic arts, scrumptious cuisines, and not to mention trendy fashion. Sydney specifically is among the many famous cities that will definitely first come to mind when someone mentions Australia. The iconic Sydney Opera House along with other significant landmarks lures many travellers to flock to this vibrant city yearly. Being the most populous city in Australia, many travellers are often excited to explore this city.

However, one of the downsides is the cost involved to do so BUT if you plan your itinerary well, it is possible to have a memorable escapade on a budget. Just be smart of where and what to do, In today’s article, we are going to take a look at a 5D4N itinerary in Sydney with an affordable budget for Muslim travellers.

Day 1 – Explore the city of Sydney by WALKING!

We are on a budget, aren’t we? So, one of the best ways to see a city is by walking. Let’s start your first day in Sydney by experiencing a walking tour of the city. Commence at the Circular Quay where you can check out the stunning Harbor Bridge up close. Then, proceed through to Sydney’s historic Rocks District. You will be marvelled at the infamous Opera House.

Sydney Opera House
Credit: gymea.k

Along the way, you will pass numerous museums like the Sydney Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art as well as the Police and Justice Museum at the Circular Quay zone. Continue your walking tour by passing through the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens and once you enter the city centre, you will end your tour at the beautiful Darling Harbor.

The Royal Botanic Garden
Credit: matt_holmes

When the dusk comes, you can spend a great evening at Darling Harbor. This is the hub of Sydney’s entertainment life. Here, you can relish scrumptious harbourside meal and at the same time be mesmerized by the energetic nightlife Sydney has to offer. This harbour is home to Sydney Aquarium, Wildlife Sydney Zoo, Madame Tussauds and IMAX Theatre. There are also two museums in this area which are the Australian National Maritime Museum and the Powerhouse Museum.

If you are not into strolling or breeze walking, worry not, you can opt to hop on the Red Explorer bus which focused on the city sightseeing activity.

**Halal Travel Tip 1: To get Halal foods around Sydney, do check out this link.

Darling Harbor
Credit: darlingharbour

Day 2 – Get a closer look of Sydney

Day one is a fruitful escapade, but it will be continued by you spending your day having a breathtaking view of Sydney from a higher angle. Go up to the peak of ‘Sydney Tower Eye’ and here you will be able to see across the city up to the Pacific Ocean. On the West side, you can witness the majestic Blue Mountains.

SKYWALK at Sydney Tower Eye
Credit: oesterreicher_auf_reisen

Next, you can book a climb up to the Sydney Harbor Bridge. It is surely an adventurous climb, plus it will give you that adrenaline rush going. The views at the top will leave you speechless. However, the climbing tour is quite pricey, so, since we are talking about a budget trip, you can cross the bridge on foot instead as an option. It’s FREE of charge to do so! It offers the same stunning views as well as amazing Social Media-worthy photos!

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Day 3 – Take a tranquil cruise at the Harbor

Spend day three by cruising on the Sydney Harbor. As obvious as it is, Sydney is a harbour city. There are several cruises available and you can pick between a sightseeing cruise, a dance cruise, and a dinner cruise. Aside from that, you can also choose ferries which are operating out of the Circular Quay and they head to numerous destinations within Sydney. It is indeed your call. Arrange your time wisely so you will get the most out of your travel, that’s our advice!

Cruising on Sydney Harbor
Credit: feuerpferde

If you were to pick a ferry to Manly, it is a great way to spend your day for sure. It is home to Shelly Beach and here, it is a renowned place for snorkelling! Navigate to Cockatoo Island, you will be welcomed with an Island full of history that provides amazing views overlooking the Sydney Harbor.

Day 4 – Explore the Australian Wildlife and Nature

As we are all aware, Australia is famous for having rare and unique wildlife. From the koalas and kangaroos to platypus, wombats, and Tasmanian devils, Australian wildlife will keep you in awe. Head over to Taronga Zoo, It is only a quick ferry ride located across the harbour from Circular Quay. This is Australia’s most popular zoo. You will get to adore thousands of bizarre and native Australian animals. A ferry ride along with a zoo pass for an adult will cost AUD45 which is reasonable for an ultimate wildlife experience. If the Taronga Zoo is not enough, you can also visit the Featherdale Wildlife Park in the west of Sydney. Depending on your time schedule, it is your call.

Australian wildlifes.
Credit: krip_photography

Day 5 – Head over to the beach and experience the SUN!

On day five, we believe that it is great to spend it by just lounging around. But of course, not just lazing around anywhere, we are doing it at the beach! If you were to visit the beach during warmer months which is from November to March, Sydney’s beaches are definitely the place to be at. You can do many water sports activities like surfing, water skiing, swim or perhaps just sunbathe by the beach side and get the tan going.

Bondi Beach is famous in Sydney. It has inviting waves, golden sandy beach, and sparkling teal water. Bondi beach epitomizes the sand, sun, and surf perfectly. To thoroughly explore the Bondi Beach, you can also go for the Bondi-Bronte walk. By doing this, you will be marvelled by fantastic views of Bondi’s sandstone coves and cliffs. The breeze walk usually takes approximately an hour to be completed depending on your pace. With plenty of beach activities and the Bondi-Bronte walk, you definitely need to arrange your time wisely during your last and final day in Sydney.

Bondi Beach
Credit: lycalabajo91

**Halal Tip 2: To perform prayers while exploring the energetic city of Sydney, take a look at this list of mosques around the city here List of Mosques in Sydney

Even with this city being on the pricey side when it comes to currency rate, it is still possible to explore it on a budget. The smartest way and the easiest tip are of course to visit Sydney’s main attractions that are FREE. Enjoy yourself in Sydney.