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6 Insta-Worthy Locations in Penang You Can Visit For Free

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Penang is a state in Malaysia that’s full of culture, wonder, and delicious food! It’s no surprise that this is a fun holiday destination for travellers and a favourite getaway for locals too. Penang is lined with a mix of both the old and the new, making it arguably one of the most photogenic places in Malaysia. Here are 6 of our favourite Insta-worthy spots that you can snap at for free!

1) Street Art

credit: travellingwithavegan
  • Armenian Street and Chulia Street have some of the coolest and most unique murals done by local artists. Photo-worthy opportunities strike at every corner! 
credit: travellingwithavegan
  • This area is popular for getting some great shots, so get creative and create your own unique Instagram moment!

2) Hin Bus Depot

credit: zahratalhah
  • The once-abandoned bus depot has now been restored into one of Penang’s most creative art spaces. 
credit: zahratalhah
  • The creative team that worked on the murals and restoration believes that art should be limitless, making this one of the coolest hipster places you could take pictures at.

3) Straits Quay Marina

credit: demixlim
  • Live your best sailor dreams (or at least capture them in photos) at the one and only shopping mall-cum-marina!
  • Think sailboats, beautifully blue waters, and picturesque views, perfect for fashion #ootd shots!

4) Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion

  • Also known as the Blue Mansion, this heritage spot is known for its unique blue shaded walls. There’s a small fee for the tour, but if you want to just take some shots, you totally can.
credit: @rethstagram
  • Soak in the sights of golden gilded mirrors, lavish chandeliers and even olden day rickshaws, all great for adding a little flair to your Instagram feed

5) Church of Assumption

credit: assumptionchurchpenang
  • Founded by the iconic Francis Light, this white Catholic church is one of the oldest in Penang.
  • With its beautiful European style architecture and minimalistic colour scheme, it’s a great place for colourful outfit shots.

6) Tan Jetty

credit: @_harrykurniawan1000
  • Who can say no to a beautiful body of water and the potential of an amazing sunset?
  • This historical jetty has a curved wooden pathway and picturesque stilt house, all the right components for a picturesque photo.

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