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Must-Have Essentials For A Winter Gateway

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Making your way to a winter destination is the stuff of dreams: plush white snow, chilly weather that you can get cosy up in, picturesque views of a winter scene. However, packing for the cold can sometimes be a tedious task, especially if you don’t usually travel during winter. We’ve put together 6 of our must-have winter essentials to prepare yourself. Get ready, winter is coming!

The Right Layers

  • Picking the right clothes is a must when you’re travelling to a winter destination. Beating the cold is a two-part process: trapping heat that the body produces, and preventing the chills from getting in.
  • Use thermals to keep your body warm, and layer up with a thick down jacket to shield you from the bite of the cold wind. If you need more layers in between, add them on to ensure you’ll stay nice and warm all day.

Warm Accessories

  • The neck, hands and feet are really sensitive to dropping temperatures, so keep them warm with a good scarf, gloves and thick socks, especially if you’re going to be out and about all day. Trust us when we say this will help a lot!


  • Cold weather is usually dry weather, so retain the hydration in your skin with moisturizers!
  • Keep face, body and even hand creams handy to banish flakiness and chapped skin.


  • We’re talking about sunscreens and lip balms of course!
  • The sun can still damage your skin in winter, that’s why it’s important to protect it with SPF. We recommend a minimum of SPF50 for daily use.
  • Dry, cracked lips can be painful, and sometimes even create a bloody mess you don’t want to deal with! Keep the discomfort to a minimal and store a lip balm in your bag, reapplying every couple of hours to prevent chapping.

Portable Chargers

  • Did you know that your electronic devices lose their battery life quicker in the cold? That’s because it takes more energy to keep the device at an optimum temperature for them to work just as well in warmer weather.
  • Bring a portable charger for an extra boost of power when your electronics are running low so you’ll always stay connected.

Warm Comfy Shoes

  • You’ll definitely be walking around a lot when you’re travelling to a winter country, so pack some warm and comfy shoes!
  • Make sure the sneakers you pick aren’t perforated so the wind doesn’t cut through  or opt for a hardy pair of boots instead

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