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6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Dubai

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Dubai is a city full of ambition, luxury and wonder. From it’s tall buildings to its large man-made islands, Dubai really has it all and more! This is one of the Middle East’s most welcoming cities and has extended its arms to tourists and expats alike. If you’ve never been to Dubai, here are 6 reasons why you definitely should!

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The Burj Khalifa

  • The tallest building in Dubai stands at 828 meters tall. That’s near twice the height of the Empire State Building in New York!
  • Make your way to the 124th floor (out of 163!) to check out the observation deck. Be prepared for the view of a lifetime!

It’s Like Summer (Almost) All Year Round!

  • With over 300 days a year of sunshine and 1000km of beach coastline, Dubai is the perfect summer vacation spot, just about any time of the year.
  • Even at wintertime, their average temperature is around 25 °C, making it perfect for outdoor activity.
  • Make sure you bring enough sunscreen to protect your skin as the scorching sun can reach up to 45 degrees Celsius during the warmer months

Ski in Dubai

  • The heat isn’t really your thing? Check out one of the coolest spots (literally) in Dubai!
credit: @lolishachanyt
  • Ski Dubai spans over 85m in height and 22500 square meters, making this ski resort a hotspot for many. 
  • There are 5 slopes to get your adrenaline pumping, including the world’s first 400 meters long indoor black run.

Unparalleled Shopping

credit: @lifestyle_in_uae
  • Whether you’re looking for the old or the new, Dubai has it all!
  • Weave your way through markets to find traditional handicrafts, trinkets and even gold jewellery made the old fashion way.
credit: @oliver.goettling
  • Dubai Mall is the biggest one around, spanning over the size of 50 football fields and housing over 1000 stores, making it the best way to get just about anything, including big international brands from all around the world.

Melting Pot Of Cultures

  • Dubai’s population consists of over 80% of expatriates, making it one of the most diverse places on the planet.
credit: @am92_12
  • As a result of this, you can expect a mixture of different cuisines, religious spaces and exciting cultures, perfect for those looking to soak in as much culture as they can.

Immerse Yourself In Luxury

  • The glamorous life awaits everywhere you turn in Dubai! Luxury cars, big brands, beautiful people, and even the world’s first 7-star hotel (Burj Al Arab Hotel), this city really has it all.
  • Did you know that even their police cars are Lamborghinis and Ferraris? Don’t mess with the po-po!

Dubai is a gorgeous city that’s definitely should be on your bucket list! Thinking of planning a trip there? Check out for our best-selling Dubai & Abu Dhabi package!

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