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I love travel blogs mainly because they’re inspiring and I always feel more motivated to pack my bags and book tickets after reading others’ travel experiences, tips, and tricks. Since there are thousands of travel blogs available, we’ve done the footwork for you and compiled a list of 5 Muslim-friendly Malaysian travel blogs that we love and that have influenced our travels.

If you need some inspiration to plan your trip, want to scroll through beautiful travel pictures or learn more about travelling as a Muslim – check out these 5 awesome Malaysians who travel the world!

1. Fatin Days

 Looking for Halal trip? If so, check out Fatin’s Muslim travel blog
Source: Fatin Days

Fatin’s blog is full aesthetically pleasing travel pictures that will leave you with a stroke of wanderlust. Studying in Germany, she makes full use of her time abroad to wander around Europe, she has so far travelled to Austria, France, and Switzerland.

Being a Muslim in a foreign country herself, Fatin knows exactly what a Muslim traveller needs when they’re travelling – we’re talking about delicious halal food and comfortable praying space. She shares amazing stop-over itineraries and awesome travel pictures!

If we have to pick favourites from her Muslim girl blog, our favourite post of Fatin has to be One day Zurich itinerary. It’s complete with halal food recommendations and places where you can stop to pray (plus Zurich has been on my travel bucket list since forever!).

Fatin writes about:

  • Muslim friendly itineraries of the places she’s visited
  • Picture posts of European countries
  • Tips for Muslim students studying in Germany

Although it is a fairly new halal blog, Fatin’s has already shared many travel stories and creative visual itineraries in which we hope to see more of in the future.

2. That So Farah

In her solo female travel blog Farah posts interesting Malaysia trip itinerary
Source: That’s So Farah

Founder of ThatsoFarah and award-winning travel writer Farah Nadiah started her travel blog in January 2012. You’ll find her on top of scenic mountains, wandering off-beaten paths and luscious green jungles, and exploring unique cultures and making friends with locals of the places she visited.

As Farah currently lives in Malaysia, her travel blog is filled with itineraries, travel guides, and her favourite highlights of each state in Malaysia such as must-visit attractions in each city for tourists travelling to Malaysia. She shared her itineraries at Bario and Mabul in which could be used as a useful guide.

In addition, Farah also provides awesome tips and tricks for travellers on how to find budget-friendly hotels, affordable stores that sell souvenirs such as traditional batik and jewellery, and through her adventure blog, she hopes to spread awareness on ecotourism and the importance of conserving nature so that our future generation would be able to enjoy beautiful nature.

If you’re a hiker and plan to travel to Borneo, we recommend that you check out Farah’s post on her experience hiking Mulu mountain. Having also visited Lipat Sanggul Mountain in Terengganu, Mount Semeru in Indonesia, and Mount Rinjani, Indonesia just to name few, Fatin has many posts dedicated her hiking experiences.

Farah writes about:

  • Malaysia, Southeast Asia and Europe itineraries
  • Hiking in Malaysia and abroad, and other outdoor activities
  • Hotel reviews

3. Travel Chameleon

 Yafieda provides Malaysia travel tips that are helpful also her check out her Malaysia travel guide
Source: Travel Chameleon

Known as one of the best travel Muslim bloggers in Malaysia, Yafieda Jamil will inspire your inner travel spirit. She believes that the best way to explore another country is to adapt to the culture as it will help you to understand the locals better.

Nomad since at an early age, Yafieda admitted at first that she found it hard to adjust to new cultures due to language barriers and traditions, however, thanks to her international friends, she managed to fit in just fine. Since then, she has been travelling nonstop becoming a part of different cultures in the countries she visited in which she inspires people to travel through her experiences.

Moreover having 9 to 5 job, Yafieda shows that it is possible to make time for travel with a hectic schedule. She mostly travels on weekends by taking short road trips to neighbouring areas. Currently living in Cambodia, Yafieda also shares her volunteer work such as feed the homeless and plant a tree while travelling to help make small changes to the world.

Despite not living in Malaysia, Yafieda’s travel blog is packed with, travel guides, hidden gems in Malaysia, food, road trips and so much more. It is evident from the number of articles dedicated to Malaysia that Yafieda is resourceful as she knows the country like no other!

On her female solo travel blog, I would suggest you read her first Khmer wedding experience. It’s always exciting to try something you never did before like attending a wedding of a different culture and mingling with the locals. In this post, Yafieda shows that it is always fun to try new things.

Yafieda writes about:

  • Hotel and food reviews
  • Itineraries such as UNESCO site hunt
  • Personal travel stories as an expat trying to adapt to new cultures

4. Pojiegraphy

 Pojiegraphy is on our list of Malaysian travel blogs | famous travel blogger Malaysia
Source: Pojiegraphy

A digital writer for Gaya Travel Magazine, Mohd Shahril Fawzy admits he enjoys writing about his travel experiences in both English and Bahasa articles. What makes Mohd different from rest of the bloggers is that he writes and shares his travel experiences in Bahasa making it easier for Malaysians not only feel connected to him but also relate and become inspired to travel the world.

In his travel blog, you can find many articles on his experiences in Malaysia, Mohd provides interesting things for locals to do in different cities such as experiencing hot springs in Sungkai, and playing with elephants in Terengganu.   

Besides writing travel articles, Mohd has a talent in photography and this is shown on his blog in which he posts cool Instagram-Mable pictures of the places he’s visited such as Wales, Cumbria, Vivian Quarry. It is evident in his photographs that he searches for the places that depict the different cultures.

In his travel blog, Mohd is also well-known for sharing some personal stories of his travel experience like his first zip lining experience.

Mohd writes about:

  • Halal eateries
  • Travel itineraries
  • Blogging techniques
  • Photography hacks

5. Runaway Bell

She posts about the best places to visit in Malaysia and provides tips on budget short trip in Malaysia
Source: Runaway Bella

Bella caught an incurable disease of wanderlust when she travelled with a group of friends years ago. Having travelled to Malaysia and other Asian countries such as Indonesia, China, and Singapore. Bella shares her travel stories and tips with her rising followers.

Moreover, what draws us to Bella is the intricate details of the places she has travelled to such as her visit to the strawberry leisure farm in Genting Highland. She also shows appreciation in learning about different cultures through beautiful pictures on every post. She provides detailed information on the attractions such as price, contacts, special rates and opening times.

Since the winter Olympics are upcoming in next year in Pyeongchang, Bella has dedicated an entire section of her blog with information about this anticipated event. She has been creating guides and tourism resources for Muslim travellers who want to visit South Korea next year for the prestigious event.

Bella writes about:

  • Interesting places in Malaysia
  • Exotic cultural dishes
  • Hotels reviews
  • Travel itineraries around Asia

These 5 Malaysian travel bloggers will surely influence you to create your own travel plans, whilst teaching you about different traditions and cultures. These 5 blogs will help you with everything you need to know about planning a trip, gaining new experiences and exploring hidden gems.

Which are your favourite Malaysian travel bloggers?

Check out these 5 inspiring Muslim-Friendly travel bloggers that will awaken your inner travel spirit. Also, use these 15 must have Malaysia Travel Apps to plan your trip for the best places in Malaysia.

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