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Affordable Souvenirs You Should Get in Turkey

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Part of the fun of travelling is getting the right souvenirs! Turkey offers shopping inspiration wherever you turn, however with so many choices to choose from, picking the right souvenirs to bring home can be overwhelming for both the mind and the pocket. We’ve come up with 6 affordable Turkish souvenirs that you can buy so you can bring a little Ottoman slice back home with you, no matter where you live!

Turkish Delight

  • Sweet, chewy and oh-so-decadent, these candies are an iconic Turkish delicacy.
  • They’re affordable, hassle-free to pack, and easy to find in markets.
  • Favourite local flavours include rose, cinnamon, lemon, pistachios and more made with locally sourced ingredients.

Nazar Boncugu – Evil Eye Protection

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  • This blue symbol is an ancient talisman used by Turks to ward off bad juju caused by the Evil Eye.
  • You can find this on keyrings, bracelets, badges and other cool trinkets, making them not only great decor for the house but great gifts as well.


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  • These yummy treats are a sweet blend of nuts, syrup and flakey filo pastry, making them deliciously addictive!
  • Pick from an array of different types, and take extra care when you’re packing them so you don’t crush the delicate pastry. We promise you it’ll be worth the hassle though!

Coffee and Cups

  • The Turks adore their coffee, and it’s no wonder! Deliciously roasted and aromatic, Turkish coffee is well known for its deep and robust flavour. Bring home your own brew and enjoy a little slice of Turkey every morning no matter where you are.
  • If you want to go the extra mile, get their traditional copper cups to add some pizzazz to your pantry too!

Turkish Spices

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  • Be ready to be wowed by a beautiful mix of colours, scents and tastes! Visit the local weekly market and pick from a large selection to add some spice to your cooking.
  • Not sure what to look for? Sumac (dried red berry powder, red pepper flakes, Turkish paprika, black cumin and Yenibahar (Turkish version of All-Spice powder) would be a good place to start!


  • Ottoman style ceramics are known for their symmetric designs and that famous bold blue shade.
  • These ceramics can range from high to low prices, so be on the lookout for good deals and don’t be afraid to ask for a bargain.

Tripfez’s Tip: Get the store you purchase at to wrap any fragile items in the paper for easier and more secure packing when you need to bring them home.

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