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10 Beach Destinations In Asia Perfect For Your Honeymoon

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Choose your perfect beach honeymoon destination — Asia has so much to offer! Dreaming of that perfect beach where you could just chill after your blasting wedding, work on your tan and snap perfect selfies with your hubby? Check out these 10 beach destinations in Asia that are perfect for your honeymoon!

1. Maldives

Known for its romantic ambiance, Maldives is one the best honeymoon destinations in Asia

The island archipelago in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, featured on more covers of beach honeymoon destinations than you’d care to count. But you have to admit that they do look amazing!

When to go? November to April
Where to go? The choice of the resort is really up to your budget and personal preference. Many resorts offer honeymoon packages, which include beautiful honeymoon suites as well as lots of other goodies such as welcome champagne, a special massage for two and snorkelling trips.

2. Thailand

Visit Thailand as it’s No.3 on our list of beach destinations in Asia for the perfect honeymoon

Thailand is a must-go country for those who want to immerse themselves into Southeast Asian culture and experience its amazing temples and oh-so-tasty (but sometimes really spicy) food in Bangkok and then head south for the white sand beaches.

When to go? November to February
Where to go? Most favourite places for honeymooners include Krabi, Koh Samui and some of the smaller islands gems like Koh Lipe — there is plenty of fish (or islands) in the sea to choose from!

3. India

Want to see amazing beaches? Head to Goa for incredible sights during your stay.

Slumdog millionaire, frantic cities, food, saris and majestic Taj Mahal come to your mind when you think of India — but did you know that it also has more than 7,500 kilometres of coastline?

When to go? November to March
Where to go? Goa offers the best (and most popular) beaches in the country but if you are looking for something more secluded go for Karnataka or Kerala regions. Don’t forget to sign up for a couple yoga retreat, pamper yourself in an Ayurvedic spa or ride an elephant on a beach during the sunset (please be mindful and choose an ethical elephant keeper to avoid supporting abusive animal camps).

4. Philippines

For great vacation spots, visit Philippines best Boracay island
Source: Black Tomato

The Philippines archipelago consists of 7,641 islands (second only to Indonesia) so plan plenty of time if you aim for island hopping there! It’s also a paradise for water lovers as its waters offer anything from kayaking around the limestone formations in the crystal clear water and the usual tropical fish snorkelling to advanced deepwater wreckage diving.

When to go? November to May
Where to go? Boracay is the most popular island known for its white beach and parties; and if you want something more idyllic and quiet, consider north of Palawan and Bohol for its picturesque Alona beach.

5. Indonesia

Indonesia has many islands and they are some of the best places to visit in Asia
Source: Black Tomato

#1 world archipelago has an amazing cultural and natural scenery so we insist that you explore at least a couple of volcanic islands before (or after) going into your beach bum mode.

When to go? April to October
Where to go? For their beach retreat honeymooners should head to Gili Meno, one of the Gili islands off the coast of Indonesia’s Lombok, which is still relatively unknown and thus not crowded. Sumba, Maluku, and Togean islands are also on our radar — and yes, we prefer to leave Bali for a cultural & surfing trip as it is sometimes overwhelmingly packed and overpriced.

6. Malaysia

Redang is one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia and is one of the best beaches in Asia for honeymoon
Source: Touropia

Neighbour to Thailand and Indonesia, Malaysia remains undiscovered by beach lovers, despite offering good connectivity to major international air travel hubs.

When to go? Highly depends on the island: November to April for Langkawi, April to September for East Coast & Borneo.
Where to go? There are a number of islands on both coasts of peninsular (or West) Malaysia: Perhentian, Redang, Tioman, Pangkor, and Langkawi, as well as hidden islands in Borneo part of Malaysia like Gaya. Read here.

7. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is No.7 on our list of Top 10 beaches in Asia
Source: Kiwi Collection

Another relatively under-explored island with a wide array of experiences for nature bums: wild animal safari (spot leopard spots), hilly tea plantations, whale and dolphin watching — is bound to make it an unforgettable trip. And beaches, of course (duh!).

When to go? For the east coast go in April to September, for west/centre/south — December to March
Where to go? We loved Bentota that offers picture-perfect beach. You might also want to look into Tangalle and Galle (which boasts a lovely Dutch fort town), or beaches on the east coast near Trincomalee and Batticaloa.

8. Vietnam

Want to go on a beach holiday, Head to Hanoi to discover amazing sites and delicious food!
Source: Vietnam Premier Travel

It’s home to a diverse landscape: from lovely white beaches dotted with the local basket-shaped boats to misty mountain areas, sometimes mind-numbing hubbub of Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi (beware of motorbikes!) to sleepy rural areas best explored by a motorbike, not to mention the incredible aromatic food. Vietnam seems to have it all.

When to go? February to July
Where to go? Consider Phu Quoc and Con Dao islands, or coastal towns like Mui Ne, Nha Trang and Hoi An. From there you can always make a side trip to the country’s North: Sapa area for hiking and famous Halong Bay for an overnight boat trip.

9. Myanmar

Myanmar is one the best places to travel in Asia
Source: Indochine Voyages

Until recently Myanmar was not even on the travel map — and the last sanctions by the US were lifted only in 2016. Nonetheless, the country is rapidly opening up while still maintaining its charm, not (yet) spoiled by an influx of tourists.

When to go? November to March
Where to go? Our favourite is Ngapali beach in Thandwe area; you will find the best places for your Myanmar honeymoon trip there.

10. Papua New Guinea

For nice beaches in Asia, head to Papua New Guinea to discover the most natural beaches
Source: Walindi Resort

Tourism is not well-developed in this country so you will enjoy serene nature almost all by yourselves until you feel like you are ready to go back to the civilisation. It also comes with its challenges, and Travel + Leisure aptly described it:

The exact qualities that make the country so attractive to adventurers — its rugged natural beauty, thriving traditional cultures, an anachronistic lack of infrastructure — is precisely what makes it such a challenging destination.

If you prefer less of a luxury beach and more authenticity and rugged nature — unexplored Papua New Guinea might be just right for you!

When to go? May to October
Where to go? Beach resorts are few and around: for water-front places look for Panasia Island, Doini island, Bramble Haven Atoll, Madang, Kimbe bay and Nusa, New Ireland. Don’t expect a wide choice of luxury accommodation due to underdevelopment, though.

Which one of these beach destinations in Asia would you like to visit for your honeymoon? You can also check out 10 beautiful beaches in South East Asia for more info. If you’re visiting one of the countries and need to book a Muslim-friendly packages, check out website Tripfez for more info.

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