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Best Halal Certified Restaurants in Kyoto

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Kyoto cuisine is exquisite, known for its pleasing appearance and subtle flavours. A visit to Kyoto certainly wouldn’t be complete without trying out a meal in kaiseki-ryori, the food that Japanese aristocrats used to eat. If you’re Muslim, you may feel apprehensive about travelling to a place where you aren’t sure if the food available is safe for you to eat. But in a place where tofu, fish and fresh vegetables count among the regional specialities, it’s more than likely that you will find food that you’ll find safe and enjoyable dining options. Here is our list of the top five halal-certified restaurants in Kyoto.

Ganko Sanjyo Honten

Best Halal Certified Restaurants in Kyoto, Ganko
Credit: elvi_radiba

Ganko is a great place to try Kyoto’s unique sushi and it’s quite popular with the locals. It does offer three Muslim-friendly set meals in bento boxes. If you’re going to eat there, though, it’s recommended that you make your reservations three days in advance so they could prepare your halal meal properly. They also provide prayer rugs upon request.

Gion Naritaya

Best Halal Certified Restaurants in Kyoto, Gion Naritaya
Credit: darina.alwi

If you have a hankering for ramen that’s safe to eat, Gion Naritaya is the place to go. This restaurant has a nice selection of halal ramen in different kinds of soup bases, flavoured with miso, soy sauce or milk. You can also choose ramen with no soup at all. Included in the menu are sides of wagyu beef and chicken rice bowls as well as fried dumplings.

Junsei Okabeya

Best Halal Certified Restaurants in Kyoto, Junsei
Credit: oopsitlichen

Tofu is one of Kyoto’s regional specialities; Kyoto’s shojin-ryori or temple cuisine actually revolves around tofu. If you want to experience shojin-ryori, Junsei Okabeya is a good place for it. The yudofu or boiled tofu will always be the star of the meal in Okabeya, but they also have a nice assortment of soybean-based cakes available. Okabeya is a reservations-only restaurant, though, so make a call first before heading there for your meal.

Minokichi Restaurant

Best Halal Certified Restaurants in Kyoto, Minokichi
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As mentioned earlier, a visit to Kyoto won’t be complete without partaking of a kaiseki-ryori meal. In Minokichi, located in Shinhankyu Hotel, you can indulge in this elegant meal safely. The main dishes offered are chicken, beef and fish, served with an assortment of side dishes made with fresh vegetables, tofu, rice and noodles.

Rose Café

Rose Cafe
Credit: lild84

Lastly, another best halal-certified restaurants in Kyoto is the Rose Café Restaurant. Rose Café Restaurant is a small establishment that serves completely halal Turkish food, from kebabs to rice meals to sandwiches. It’s located near the Kyoto Muslim Association offices.

Kyoto cuisine is really something you shouldn’t miss on your visit to Kyoto. Thankfully, with the presence of halal-certified or Muslim-friendly establishments in the city. So you can safely enjoy what should be an integral part of your Kyoto holiday. Don’t forget to check out the best time to visit Kyoto and book your trip to Kyoto today.

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