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Best Halal Restaurants in Osaka

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Best Halal Restaurants in Osaka, Ali's Kitchen
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This is one of the best Halal restaurants in Osaka. Located near the Shinsaibashi Station, Ali’s Kitchen primarily serves authentic Pakistani and Arabic food. Its extensive menu consists of more than 600 dishes, ranging from curries and kebabs to masalas and rice toppings. The restaurant also serves Japanese halal food, including ramen, omurice, udon and tempura. Most importantly, Ali’s Kitchen is wholly Muslim-owned and operated.

Ganko Osaka Houzenji

Best Halal Restaurants in Osaka, Ganko Osaka Houzenji
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Ganko Osaka Houzenji is a branch of Ganko Sanjyo Honten in Kyoto. Just like its Kyoto branch, Ganko Osaka serves traditional Kyoto cuisine, which you can enjoy kaiseki-style or while sitting at the sushi bar. The restaurant is not entirely halal, but it offers three halal bento sets in its menu that meticulously prepared the halal way. If you intend to dine here, though, you’ll need to reserve your table and your choices from the halal menu at least three days in advance. Ganko Osaka is located in Namba.


Best Halal Restaurants in Osaka, MinoKichi
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Minokichi prides itself on its long heritage of preparing artistic kaiseki-style Kyoto cuisine. That pride is not misplaced, though, as Minokichi has been in existence since 1716. Originally a restaurant that serves mainly vegetarian food, it now serves a wide variety of haute Kyoto halal cuisine as well as more pocket-friendly set meals. In order to avail of the halal menu, though, you’ll need to reserve your table in advance. Minokichi has four locations in Osaka: Takeshigero in Hotel Hankyu International, Shinsaibashi along Midosuji, Tenmabashi, and Kintetsu Uehonmachi.


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If you’re staying at Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka, then you need not go far to get your halal food. Right inside the hotel is Uemachi, a restaurant designed in the style of a grand Muromachi-era mansion. Uemachi serves exquisite halal bento sets at relatively affordable prices. But, these bento sets are prepared at a separate halal kitchen. However, Uemachi only offers a limited number of these bento sets daily. So, it’s recommended that you book your table at least three days in advance.

Finding halal food may be a challenge elsewhere in Japan, but in Osaka it’s easier to find safe, Muslim-friendly food. So, to make your trip even easier, book your Osaka holiday with a travel agency experienced in Muslim trips and tours to Osaka. Better yet, make your booking right now and enjoy this 12 Osaka attractions you must not miss.

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