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5 Best Places to Shop in Melbourne

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Melbourne is a city for shoppers who will bring no shame to the term “shop till you drop”. You’re sure to haul some lovely loot, whether your tastes run on the chic and upscale or you prefer something vintage or hipster. But where do you go to hunt for such treasures in Melbourne? We’ve compiled some of the best places to shop and for flexing your purchasing power in Melbourne.

Bourke Street Mall

Bourke Street Mall is where you can find a variety of shops and boutiques
Bourke street mall.

Melbourne’s main pedestrian mall is a good place to start your shopping spree in Melbourne. Here you’ll find two of the city’s major department stores, as well as a handful of shops and boutiques. A number of retail arcades connect the Mall to nearby streets.

Chadstone Shopping Centre

You can find well known brands at Chadstone Shopping Centre
West wing of Chadstone mall.

Chadstone Shopping Centre – Chaddy for short – is the biggest shopping complex in Australia, with over 500 stores spread over three levels of floor space. Among these stores are internationally recognized brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Uniqlo, H&M, Toys R Us, Zara, Apple Store, Gucci, and Tiffany & Co.

Chapel and Grenville Streets

A mixture of high-fashion labels and vintage wear at Chapel and Grenville Streets
Fresh market at Chapel street.

Chapel and Grenville Streets are where you should go if you consider yourself a true fashionista. Chapel Street is lined with stores selling high-fashion labels, along with some chic cafes and trendy restaurants. Just off Chapel, you’ll find Grenville Street, a stretch of bohemian vibe filled with shops offering jewelry, vintage wear, and antique wares.

Flinders Lane

Flinders Lane is famous for art galleries, unique souvenir shops and handicraft stores.
Colourful Flingers lane late at night after the crowd is gone.

Flinders Lane is often compared to Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood, mainly because of its collection of turn-of-the-century buildings and its artsy vibe. The artsy vibe is well-established, given that Flinders Lane is home to a number of art galleries, unique souvenir shops, bookshops, and handicraft stores. As for fashion, many local and international designers maintain a presence on Flinders Lane, most notable of which is Chanel.

Queen Victoria Market

A Melbourne treasure, you can't miss to shop at Queen Victoria Market
The shopping arcade at Queen Victoria Building.

No shopping adventure in Melbourne is complete without a visit to Queen Victoria Market. A revered Melbourne treasure and one of the places where many Melburnians shop for fresh meat and the best produce. Food is not the only commodity you can buy at Queen Vic, though. The market has numerous stalls selling clothes and accessories, toys, souvenirs, home décor, kitchenware, and nearly everything else you can think of.

Shopping in Melbourne is a wonderful experience you’re sure to enjoy. Get ready to visit the land of down under!

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