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Best Places to Visit in Seoul During Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter

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All-Time Best Places To Visit

Best Places to Visit in Seoul During Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, Tommy Hilfiger
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Myeongdong Market. You can find almost anything there, and it’s especially good for shopping for clothes, shoes and accessories.

Everland & Lotte World. Everland is Korea’s version of Disneyland, which has five divisions namely, Global Fair, Magic Land, American Adventure, European Adventure and Zootopia. It is in an hour away from Gangnam and during the summer, DJs and singers perform live. Lotte World is one of the largest indoor theme parks in the world. Not only that, but it also has an outdoor amusement park, a shopping complex, movie houses, a folk museum, even a luxury hotel.

Gyeongbokgung & Changgyeonggung Palace. The most famous of the six royal palaces located in Seoul, Gyeongbokgung was the home of the kings of the Joseon Dynasty. Changgyeonggung is popular for its beautiful landscaped gardens and man-made bodies of water.

Bukchon Hanok Village. The traditional Korean house is called a Hanok. In Seoul, you’ll find such houses well preserved in Bukchon Hanok Village.

Places to Visit in Seoul During Spring

Best Places to Visit in Seoul During Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, Spring
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Cherry Blossom spotting in Yeouido Park Fan of the Sakura? Yeouido Park hosts Seoul’s lesser-known Cherry Blossom Festival in the beginning of April. Seoul boasts a 160 km of flower-filled roadside that connects 36 park paths, 29 roadside paths and 31 riverside paths. And do you know what is good to do here? Bring your partner and relive those K-drama scenes *bring in the wedding bells*. Just an idea, no pressure. Cherry Blossoms are not exclusive to Japan

Jogyesa Temple. To truly experience an authentic Korean experience, a visit to Jogyesa Temple during the annual Lotus Lantern Festival. It features a whopping 100,000 lantern trail from Dongdaemun to Jogyesa temple to signify Buddha’s birth. Even if you are not into spiritual activities, the path towards Jogyesa temple is so Instagram worthy that you would not resist clicking selfies to share in social media.

Places to Visit in Seoul During Summer

Best Places to Visit in Seoul During Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, Concert
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Kpop Concerts. Again, not a place to visit, but we reckon you’re going to love the fact that there are plenty of Kpop concerts during summer. You’re in Seoul and you’re not going to experience at least one Kpop concert given you have a chance to see it? Fine, if it’s not your cup of tea, ok. But if you are truly curious and can afford it, try it. Summer is the best time for concerts in Korea as most idols tend to promote albums shortly after their release.

Han River. Almost instant that you’ll recognize the Han River as Seoul’s subway or bus system pass by the Han River. If your idea of a holiday or adventure is to observe people, biking the city or playing water sports, the Han River can offer such things. Plus, the fact there is no entrance fee to visit this place?

Places to Visit in Seoul During Autumn

Best Places to Visit in Seoul During Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, Nami Island
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Nami Island. Nami Island is arguably the most famous landmark in South Korea. Anyone who is a K-drama fan will swoon over Nami Island’s picture-perfect fantasy land. Just kidding. But, it definitely a must-see attraction in Seoul during autumn when the tree leaves grew into shades of gold, yellow, red, crimson and orange. The ever famous Winter Sonata was shot in this location – Nami Island.

Seokrasan National Park. Seokrasan is a penultimate attraction in Seoul that allures all kinds of tourist from east to the west, to the sides and the middle. Imagine being in mountain top where you see from afar the autumn foliage that has crystal clear streams, adding a beautiful touch to an already amazing experience.

Places to Visit in Seoul During Winter

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Bukhansan Mountain. Located at the northernmost periphery of Seoul, Bukhan Mountain is the centrepiece of the Bukhansan National Park. Hiking up during the winter gives you the power play contrast of clear skies and wonderful snow-capped mountain.

Phoenix and Vivaldi Park Since its winter, Snowboarding is a must-try. Phoenix Park is a two-hour drive from Seoul. That is the friendliest amongst other parks since it is good for beginners. Since there are various slopes available, from basic to experts. Vivaldi Park is one hour away from Seoul. However, it attracts mostly the young crowd. So, it might get frustrating since waiting time can take longer than expected, slopes are in good shape though.

You really mustn’t miss these best places to visit in Seoul. Start making plans for your Seoul adventure today. Make sure to eat halal food at these halal restaurants.

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