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6 Best Things To Do in LEGOLAND Malaysia

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Located in Nusajaya, Johor Bahru, LEGOLAND Malaysia is the first of its kind in Asia. Boasting over 70 types of rides, shows, attractions and slides designed for families with children aged 2-12 years old. You don’t need to be a LEGO® fan to get the most out of Malaysia’s first international theme park. All you need is to bring out the adventurous and fun side in you! It offers a variety of attractions but we’ve narrowed it down to 6 top things you should do here. Ready? Set! LEGO®!

Stay at LEGOLAND Hotel

The colourful entrance to LEGOLAND Hotel
The colourful and and vibrant LEGOLAND Hotel | Credit: @_syiraheelisyaz_

If you’re planning to go full out and cover all the rides and activities, we reckon you book a night at the LEGOLAND hotel. Located in LEGOLAND itself, it features 249 LEGO® themed guest rooms including Pirate, Adventure, Kingdom and LEGO® Friends.

Pirate themed rooms at LEGOLAND Hotel
Pirate themed rooms for the whole family to enjoy | Credit: @desmila

Each room is fully designed to accommodate a family with up to three children. In these rooms is where kids will step into another world as they become pirates or brave knights battling evil! Most importantly, you don’t have to worry about driving too far after an entire day of fun and get the rest your family deserves.


The LEGOLAND Water Park is also the best part of LEGOLAND Malaysia
A splish and splash affair at LEGOLAND Water Park | Credit: @allthingsmokkie

Get soaked and have a blast at LEGOLAND Water Park. You can enjoy the water park together or separately with the theme park, either way, you’ll have a splashtacular time. With over 20 water based attractions as well as 70 LEGO® models, you surely would want to get the most out of it. So, we suggest spending a full day here. Get your dose of thrills and spills with the gentle waves in the main pool. Then head to the Lego Wave Pool for a more laid back setting for you and the kids.

Explore Sea Life

The Ocean Tunnel at Sea Life Malaysia
The Ocean Tunnel is one of the divine attractions at Sea Life Malaysia | Credit: @stefanivanrossum

Dive into the world’s largest aquarium brand at SEA LIFE Malaysia. This fascinating aquarium offers 11 themed zones to let you and your family immerse in the wonders of the underwater world. At Sea Creatures, your entire family will be able to witness hundreds of underwater life and get an intimate underwater world experience. You will then enter Aquarium Zones where the likes of the ocean tunnel, malaysian rainforest, coral reef, shoaling ring and many more awaits.

The Great LEGO® Race

The Great LEGO Race is one of the best thrill rides in LEGOLAND Malaysia
Experience a combination of thrill ride and VR technology on The Great LEGO® Race | Credit: @arestravel

The rides at LEGOLAND Malaysia are suitable for the entire family but still thrilling enough for adrenaline junkies and who doesn’t love roller coasters? Prepare to embark on the world’s first LEGO® virtual reality roller coaster at The Great LEGO® Race! This ride combines VR technology with roller coaster thrill in an exciting new adventure that will ignite the excitement in both kids and parents. Wearing VR headsets, guests will get to immerse in a phenomenal surrounding completely made of LEGO® bricks and experience the action from every direction.

Ride Restrictions:
Riders/guests above 6 years old with minimum height of 130 cm are allowed to ride alone. However, guests who are in between 4-6 years old and 110 cm to 130 cm must be accompanied by an adult 16 years old.

Be Mesmerized with Replicas at Miniland

A miniature setting of Taj Mahal made out of LEGO bricks
A replica of Taj Mahal made entirely of LEGO® bricks | Credit: @justanut

If you’re into miniature versions of literally anything, then you’re going to love Miniland. Be mesmerized by the iconic places around the world which are made up entirely of 30 million LEGO® bricks. In total, the Mini Land showcases about 17 replicas of famous attraction sites. Some of them include Taj Mahal, Great Wall of China, Petronas Twin Towers, Singapore’s Merlion, Angkor Wat and plenty more.

A miniature setting of Singapore made of LEGO bricks
A replica of Singapore made entirely of LEGO® bricks | Credit: @usthecoolkids

To get the full experience, most of the icons and attractions are animated at the touch of a button. So, visitors of all ages can appreciate the sounds, sights and magnificence of each work of art.

It’s All in the Imagination

Lego set up at Pizza Mania
A giant pizza chef at Pizza Mania restaurant in Imagination | Credit: @legolandmalaysia

The name alone speaks for itself, this is where all imaginations will run wild, be it for little heroes or big heroes alike. It’s a galore of music, movies and magic with DUPLO® inspired play zones with plenty of sky-rising activities, LEGO® building, invention and racing. DUPLO® Playtown is also located here for the kids to enjoy a miniature LEGOLAND Express train ride where parents are advised to hop on. When you’re done with all that exploring, head to Pizza Mania to indulge in mouth-watering all time favourite pizzas.

Excited Lego Man
Lego Man getting jiggy with it |Credit: @giphy

Feeling giddy with these top attractions in LEGOLAND Malaysia? So are we! And those are just some of the best things to do in LEGOLAND Malaysia. A slew of activities await you and your entire family at one of the top family retreat locations! While you’re still here, why not browse through other interesting sites in Malaysian articles we’ve listed here!

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