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Best Time To Visit Australia During Your Next Holiday

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Australia Trip: Best Time To Visit Australia, Alice Springs
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The best time to visit Australia is from March to May because it is a transition month in Australia. Technically, it’s autumn, but you’re bound to have your trip marred by rainfall if you go north or south. The best place to spend these transition months are at Australia’s Red Center, also known as the Alice Springs region. Additionally, March to May is the best time to come and visit the Red Center because it’s much cooler during these months.

Australia Trip: Best Time To Visit Australia Uluru-Kata
Uluru is a massive sandstone monolith in the heart of Red Center desert. (Credit: mytopend)

The Red Center refers to the red deserts in the middle of the Australian continent. Here you will find Uluru (formerly Ayers’ Rock) and Kata Tjuta, the two red rock formations that have become synonymous with the Australian desert. These formations are sacred to the Australian Aboriginals and are the main attractions of the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. You will also find ancient rock paintings, rock caves and water holes in the surrounding area.

The beating heart of the Red Center is none other than the city of Alice Springs, for which the region is named. Alice Springs is right smack in the geographical centre of Australia. It is also the capital of Aboriginal art, proudly showcased in numerous museums and galleries in the city.

If You’re Travelling between June to November, Head North

Australia Trip: Best Time To Visit Australia, Snow
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One of the best time to visit Australia is from June to November because it is winter in Australia. While temperatures can sink to freezing in the central and southern portions of the continent, it’s only mildly in the areas up north. That’s because these areas are closer to the tropics. It may get hot and humid during the daytime, but overall the weather is mostly pleasant along the northern coast.

One big difference you’ll see between the north and south Australia is up there is wilder and more isolated. In contrast, the south is cushier and more urbanized. If you’re a fan of exploring the wilds, you will be at home on this side of Australia.

Where To Go: Here is our suggested destinations North of Alice Springs!

Darwin, Northern Territory

Australia Trip: Best Time To Visit Australia, Darwin
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The most cosmopolitan city this side of Down Under. It has a young and vibrant atmosphere despite being more than a century old. Darwin also has some of the cleanest beaches in Australia, although swimming there should be avoided from October to May due to the presence of deadly jellyfish.

Broome, Western Australia

Broome, Western Australia
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The centre of Australia’s pearling industry. Near Broome is Roebuck Bay, a great spot for watching migratory seabirds. Also near Broome is Cable Beach, an almost perfectly flat expanse of white beach. Some portions of Cable Beach are clothing-optional.

Whitehaven Beach, Queensland

Whitehaven Beach, Queensland

The cleanest beach in all of Australia. Located on Whitsunday Island and accessible by boat, Whitehaven Beach is famous for its fine white sand that doesn’t absorb heat, so you can walk barefoot on the shore even when it’s hot.

Check out more destinations that you might not want to miss here. Now you know when is the best time to visit Australia, so what are you waiting for? Book your trip today, mate!

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