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Autumn is the Best Time to Visit Melbourne and Here is Why

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Best time to visit Melbourne, Australia is in March to May as autumn starts unfolding. Melbourne is a city sparkling with life, there is always something exciting to see and do in Melbourne. Whether you stay near the downtown area or go to nearby day trip destinations. Its reputation as a “four seasons in one day” weather has proven not to be a strong deterrent.

But when should you go and visit Melbourne so that your visit will be full of outdoor fun? And not be bogged down by severe, unpredictable weather? In our humble opinion, you will make the most of your holiday to Melbourne if you visit in autumn.

Why Autumn?

Best time to visit Melbourne is during autumn
The sights and surroundings of Autumn in Melbourne. | Credit: @rayofmelbourne

Australia’s weather, in case you didn’t know does not conform with the rest of the world. Melbourne’s autumn falls in the months of March, April, and May. In these months, Melbourne becomes cloaked in rich red and golden hues as its trees and greenery don their foliage. These natural fall colors add to the city’s charm and provide a lovely contrast against Melbourne’s modern cityscapes.

Outdoor romps are also pleasant as temperatures average 20C. However, it can get chilly at night, when the temperature can drop to 11C. It’s still best to be prepared to withstand four seasons in one day while you’re out and about in Melbourne. These are the reasons why Autumn would be the best time to travel in Melbourne.

Places to Visit During Autumn in Melbourne

Carlton Gardens is a must visit spot during autumn
Carlton Gardens in autumn.

If you’re raring to view the city’s autumn foliage, the best places for it are:

  • Carlton Gardens: A wonder of Victorian landscaping, the Carlton Gardens are renowned for their collections of European and Australian trees lining lanes and pathways leading to and around the Royal Exhibition Building. This World Heritage Site also houses a number of fountains as well as the Melbourne Museum.
  • Fitzroy Gardens: Fitzroy Gardens are another jewel of Victorian garden design in Melbourne. The Gardens feature lanes and avenues lined with English elms, along with ornamental shrubbery. Also a collection of flowering plants native to Europe and Australia. Among the Gardens’ highlights are Cooks Cottage, a model Tudor village, and the scarred tree monument. This monument is sacred to the Aboriginal people.
  • Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne: Located on the southern bank of the Yarra River, the Royal Botanic Gardens boasts of a collection of 10,000 plant species. Some of these species are native to Australia. While others were brought in to represent the ecologies of different parts of the world.

Best time of the year to visit Melbourne is in March until May

Melbourne’s social calendar being busy during the fall months should be enough reason for you to visit the city. If you’re in Melbourne any time from March until May, you shouldn’t miss:

Moomba Festival is famous during autumn
Moomba Festival is a highly anticipated event every year | Credit: @cherieboom11
  • Melbourne Food and Wine Festival: a celebration of the city’s multicultural gastronomical heritage. One of Melbourne’s major annual events, the festival is typically held for two weeks in March and April. Many of Australia’s celebrity chefs and winemakers participate in the festival’s events.
  • Moomba Festival: Melbourne’s biggest, loudest, and most beloved annual event. The festival started out as an excuse for Melburnians to get together and have fun. Today it has evolved into a spectacle featuring parades and floats, carnivals, water events, and various musical performances. March is generally when Moomba happens.
  • Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix: the season-opening round of the Formula 1 World Championships. Popular for its flat, high-speed track that is deceptively straight but makes overtaking a challenge is what makes the Australian Grand Prix.

Don’t wait for next autumn to plan your Melbourne holiday. Meanwhile, why not check out other activities you can do in Australia here!

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