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The Best Time To Visit Taiwan

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Taiwan’s subtropical climate makes it a challenging destination to plan for. While it’s warm all year-round, you can expect rain almost any time of the year. It can get hot and humid from March to May, and typhoons hit the country from June to September. So, when is the best time to visit Taiwan if you want mild sunshine and good weather?

The Best Time To Visit Taiwan, Taipei 101
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Based on our experience, the best time to visit Taiwan for your trip is if you go in April or in November.

The Best Season to Visit Taiwan is in April

The Best Time To Visit Taiwan, Spring
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One of the best time to visit Taiwan is in late spring in April. This means the weather is dry and not so humid, and you can expect clear skies for most of your stay. It’s also quite warm, but not as hot as it gets during the summer months. Therefore, it is the right time to visit Taiwan.

April is the best season to visit Taiwan when the Taiwanese celebrate one of their largest festivals of the year: the birthday of the goddess Mazu. Mazu is the Chinese patron goddess of the sea, to whom fishermen send their prayers for safe journeys and a bountiful catch. She is especially venerated, where she is enshrined in almost 900 temples all over the country.

The Best Time To Visit Taiwan, Festival
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The grandest celebration of Mazu’s birthday is at Taichung City in central-western Taiwan, home of the Mazu Pilgrimage. An image of Mazu is paraded in a four-day procession from her home in Chelan Temple at Taichung’s Dajia District to different participating temples. The procession attracts hundreds of pilgrims from Taiwan and mainland China. Besides, the festival also features dragon dances, incense burning, and lots of food.

If you are planning your Taichung, Taiwan trip make sure you get to experience the Mazu Pilgrimage, you should also take the time to explore the city. Taichung City is considered the most attractive city; it’s a highly modern city that embraces its traditional past.

Check out the tea houses where you can experience Taiwan’s rich tea culture. The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, one of the largest art museums in Asia and home to the works of many Taiwanese masters, is also located in Taichung.

The Best Month to Visit Taiwan is in November

The Best Time To Visit Taiwan, autumn
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November is late autumn in Taiwan. While the country doesn’t experience snow, the weather can be chilly. Also, it doesn’t rain much in Taiwan in November. In other words, you can travel to Taiwan without having worry about the weather.

Where should you in November? We suggest Taipei, the country’s capital city and the centre of its colourful culture and history. Taipei sits on the northernmost point of the country and is surrounded by mountains.

It is a must that you dedicate a whole day to exploring the National Palace Museum. So you have more time to explore Taiwan’s history. The Museum is home to some of the most important Chinese artwork, documents and artefacts reaching back five thousand years, more valuable than those displayed in Beijing’s Forbidden City. This precious artwork and artefacts were carted from Beijing to Taipei by Chiang Kai-shek to protect them from destruction during the Chinese Civil War of the 1940s.

Mengjia Longshan Temple
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Another place that you should not miss on a visit to Taipei is Mengjia Longshan Temple. The Temple is considered a primary example of classical Taiwanese architecture. In addition, it is also a good place to get acquainted with Taiwan’s religious customs, as it is a shrine to a mix of deities from the Buddhist, Taoist and folk religion practised in China.

Above all, a trip to Taipei won’t be complete without visiting Taipei 101, one of the world’s tallest buildings. It’s a great destination for shopping and food trips. Besides, it has numerous observation decks. Thus, you can enjoy views of Taipei and beyond.

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There are also plenty of attractions worth visiting in November. For example, Yangmingshang National Park in the north. The park nestled in the mountains and contains dormant volcanoes, hot springs and well-marked hiking trails. So, you can enjoy nature in Taiwan and inhale only positive oxygen.

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In addition, you can make your way up Mount Qixing, the highest point in the park. Another way is to take a leisurely hike along the trails to view the fiery fall leaves and autumn flowers. To the south of Taipei, you’ll find the valley of Maokong. Maokong is known for its romantic views and its thriving tea culture. At Maokong, you will find various tea plantations and tea houses.

In conclusion, the best times to visit Taiwan are April and November when the weather is mild and there’s very little rain. Certainly, you’re sure to enjoy everything Taiwan has to offer during these months. When in Taiwan, don’t forget to visit these awesome attractions. Plan your Taiwan trip and book your holiday today.

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