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10 Mouthwatering Comfort Foods From All Over The World

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Corona Virus (COVID-19) has made us stayed at home for a long time. During this time, we can also see a lot of people sharing recipes for their comfort foods online because let’s be real, nothing calms us down but a plate of food to warm our stomach. According to Cambridge Dictionary comfort food is ‘the type of food that people eat when they are sad or worried, often sweet food or food that people ate as children’. Comfort food may vary depending on the individual’s background or from where they came from. There are varieties of comfort foods from all over the world. We’ve listed down the 10 most shared comfort foods from all over the world for you to enjoy during this quarantine time.

Kimchi Jjigae


This Korean food has become widely known all over the world. You can easily spot this food in any Korean drama (K-Drama). Kimchi Jjigae also famously known as Kimchi Stew or Kimchi Soup. It is made up using fermented Napa cabbage kimchi, your preferred meat, and tofu. Some will add Gochujang (hot chilli paste) to add the heat level. Not sure how to cook it yourself? No worries, you can now have the authentic halal Korean foods in Malaysia easily!

Bake And Saltfish

10 Comfort Foods From All Over The World, Bake and Saltfish
Credit: alicaspepperpot

Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, this is an iconic breakfast to Caribbean food culture. However, you can find they are being sold everywhere and anytime. The boneless salted cod will be saute using onions, garlic, tomatoes, and thyme. The best ways to eat it is by filling the saute salted cod into the bake.

Grilled Cheese

10 Comfort Foods From All Over The World, Grilled Cheese
Credit: cheesegrille

This is the simplest comfort food ever. It is very easy to prepare since you’ll just basically need a loaf of bread and cheese. You can find grilled cheese in every restaurant in the United States as it is their comfort food. Besides, you can add fancy ingredients such as meat, tomato or your preferred ingredients. It is cheap but also comforting.

Beef Patty

10 Comfort Foods From All Over The World, Beef Patty
Credit: _adiemla

In Jamaica, many can agree their comfort food is beef patty. It is made using flaky pastry and filled with seasoned beef filling. This beef patty can be diverse such as callaloo patty, ackee patty or any type of patty. You can have it as a snack, or with some peas and rice. Make sure to try this comfort food when you’re on your trip to Jamaica.

Kuay Teaw (Thai Noodle Soup)

We bet even tourists can agree that Kuay Teaw (Thai Noodle Soup) is one of the best comfort food in Thailand. You can have it in many ways such as with clear soup called Kuay Teaw Nam Sai or Tom Yam called Kuay Teaw Tom Yam. The first thing when ordering this meal, you’ll be asked of what kind of meat do you want. It can be served using Nuea (beef), gai (chicken), pbed (duck), bpla (fish) and tha lay (seafood). You can add sweet chilli paste, chilli powder lime juice, fish sauce, sugar, and crushed peanuts into your Kuay Teaw.


10 Comfort Foods From All Over The World, Congee
Credit: sonianll

Next, we’re flying to China to check out their comfort food. Congee or Conjee (pronounced as ˈkɒndʒi) is a type of porridge. It is often served with side dishes such as salted duck eggs, fried fish, or any side dishes you loved. Usually, it is prepared for unwell persons. You can have congee as a meal on its own and add some flavorings it is good to go!

Aloo Ki Tarkari

Aloo Ki Tarkari
Credit: foodandphotography21

This is a comfort food coming all the way from Pakistan. Aloo Ki Tarkari is a potato curry served with paratha, puri, or kachori. You can never fail when making this dish even though you didn’t graduate from culinary school. The most important thing when making this dish is the size of the potatoes. You might want to chop the potatoes in a small cube to make it easier for you to eat and cook.


Credit: losvergatario

Another one of 10 comfort foods over the world is Arepas. You’ll need only 3 ingredients to make this comfort food. Just water, cornmeal, and salt. Violla, you can now experience comfort food from Columbia. However, the fillings may vary according to your preference. You can fill it with butter, salty cheese, meats, chicken, avocado, salad, eggs and more. It has been listed as the world’s best breakfast by Thrillist.



Lahmacun or Lahmajun is a round thin piece of dough topped with everything like pizza! It is a comfort food from Armenia. Usually, it is topped with minced meat, vegetables, onions, tomatoes, parsley, and spices. If you’re a pizza lover, this dish is a must-try! However, the difference between pizza and Lahmajun is Lahmajun consist of no cheese or tomato sauce, unlike pizza. Thus, it makes a huge difference in taste even though it looked like a pizza at first glance.

Aji De Gallina

Aji De Gallina is a spicy chicken mixture and the comfort food in Peru. It is made up using aji amarillo peppers. Thus, it is slightly spicy. Usually, it’ll be served with rice and boiled yellow potatoes also black olives. It is said the meals were invented during French Revolution in 1789 using chickens and potatoes leftover.

This quarantine has never been easy but hey, at least we got comfort food to warm up our bellies! A fan of these comfort foods? Make sure to update your travel bucket list: to book a trip and try these foods right where they originate from one day!

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