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Drive-in Circus: Brazillian Circus Adapts To Coronavirus

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Drive-in Circus: Brazillian circus adapts to Coronavirus

RIO DE JANEIRO: After 4 months of being unable to make any performance due to COVID-19, Estoril Circus is now open! However, it came with a twist following the new normal recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). The idea of drive-in circus is inspired by drive-through cinema. The tent has capacity for 40 vehicles with tickets priced at AS$15 to AS$20 (RM63.98 to RM85.31) per car. This is to ensure everyone followed the social distancing policy to avoid the virus from spreading.

Surprisingly it received a lot of support. In spite of the rules given by the drive-in circus, the audience still found joy and satisfaction in the performances. They showed their support by honking. It is said, the opening of the circus is to help people release their stress due to the pandemic and help the economy of the workers. For more COVID-19 related news, click here.

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