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5 Best Halal Restaurants in Adelaide, Australia

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Sampling the food is part and parcel of the Adelaide travel experience. After all, people travel there just to have a taste of the food scene. But is the food halal? If you’re a Muslim travelling to Adelaide, Australia, would there be safe places for you to eat?

The answer is yes. South Australia’s capital city prides itself on its multiculturalism, and the city has a significant Muslim population. You won’t have trouble finding halal food in Adelaide, Australia. So the question now is this: What are the best halal restaurants in Adelaide that are halal certified? Here are our top five picks:

Lawash Bakery and Kebab Shop

Halal Kebab in Adelaide Australia
Lawash and kebab at Lawash bakery.

Lawash Bakery, located on South Road in West Adelaide may not look much. It’s primarily a bakery that also serves kebabs. But the kebabs here are smoky, spiced with turmeric, garlic and chilli, and cooked to order. They pair nicely with the bakery’s flatbreads. Lawash Bakery also has an assortment of baklavas and other Middle Eastern sweets. All in all, it’s a great place to go if all you want out of your dining experience is to be filled with good, affordable food.

Facebook Page: Lawash Bakery


Ingredients needed to cook halal Moroccan food at Marrakesh restaurant in Adelaide
Ingredients for cooking at Marrakesh restaurant.

If you want your halal dining experience in Adelaide, Australia to have more pizzazz, drop by Marrakech in North Adelaide for your next meal. Marrakech offers authentic Moroccan food, including a wide variety of Tagines and kebabs. The food here is fantastic, and it’s beautifully complemented by the restaurant’s extraordinary ambience.

Facebook Page: Marrakech Restaurant

Parwana Afghan Kitchen

Halal Afghan desserts in Adelaide, Australia
Lemon cake with tea and some Afghan desserts.

Parwana on Henley Beach Road isn’t the type of restaurant that will catch your eye as you drive past it. The façade is unassuming, and the signage on the glass isn’t easy to read. Once you enter the restaurant, though, you’d find the place homey and welcoming. The food served is authentic Afghan, from the signature Kabuli Palaw to grilled meats and vegetable side dishes, to fried and steamed dumplings. The servings are big enough for sharing.

Facebook Page: Parwana

Pondok Bali Restaurant

Interior of halal Indonesian restaurant in Adelaide Australia
Interior of Indonesian Pondok restaurant.

Pondok Bali aims to bring a taste of Balinese to Adelaide. The bright and colourful décor evokes images of huts on a beach; “pondok” is Indonesian for “hut.” The food is superb – generously spiced, tasty, and uncomplicated, as what you’d expect from beach food served in Bali. You’ll find Pondok Bali at Pulteney Street.

Facebook Page: Pondok Bali

Editor’s note (Updated 17 Mac 2020): This establishment has been permanently closed.

Tangritah Uyghur Shish Kebabs

Tangritah Uyghur is one of the place where you can get halal food in Adelaide Australia
Outside view of Tangritah Uyghur shish kebabs restaurant.

The Tangritah Uyghur Shish Kebabs Restaurant is another unassuming restaurant that people tend to pass by without stopping for a second glance. But if you do give it a chance, the food will simply blow you away. The restaurant is labelled Chinese Muslim, but the food is Uyghur from Eastern and Central Asia. The fare is mostly chicken and lamb, presented as kebabs, dumplings, pies, and stir-fries. Forget about the ambience – if you want a mouth-watering food you can’t get enough off, Tangritah Uyghur has it.

Facebook Page: Tangritah Uyghur Shish Kebabs

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