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5 Best Halal Restaurants in Melbourne

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Where to find safe, Halal-certified restaurants in Melbourne, Australia? If you’re a Muslim travelling to Melbourne, rest assured that wherever you go within the city, you’re sure to find a restaurant to eat halal. It is a multicultural city with a significant Muslim population, so halal food would be no trouble to find. We’ve listed down our top five picks for restaurants serving halal food in Melbourne just for you!

Abla’s Lebanese Kitchen, Carlton

Halal Lebanese restaurant in Melbourne
Manakish is a popular Levantine food consisting of dough topped with minced beef.

Abla’s is one of Melbourne’s culinary treasures along Elgin Street in Carlton. This cozy restaurant is owned and managed by cookbook author and Order of Australia honoree Abla Amad. Abla’s menu features home-styled Lebanese lamb and chicken dishes. However, the restaurant serves alcohol and encourages patrons to bring their own if they wish to.

La Paella, Brunswick

La Paella serving halal Moroccan and Spanish dishes
Interior of La Paella restaurant.

La Paella on Sydney Road in Brunswick specializes in halal Moroccan cuisine, with a few Spanish dishes. Their signature paella is available in chicken, seafood and vegetarian. Except for the bread, cheese and couscous, the food is dairy and gluten-free. La Paella doesn’t serve alcohol but allows patrons to bring their own wine. Furthermore, this restaurant also offers takeaways and deliveries.

Mama Wong’s, Flinders Street

Halal restaurant in Melbourne serving an assortment of Asian food
Outside view of Mama Wong’s restaurant.

Mama Wong’s on Flinders Street in Melbourne CBD serves a wide assortment of halal Asian food, ranging from spicy Szechuan o Southeast Asian curries. You can choose various type of dishes typically made with chicken, tofu and seafood and most importantly, free of MSG! Above all, this halal restaurant doesn’t serve alcohol and doesn’t keep to the bring-your-own-alcohol practice popular in Melbourne, Australia.

Tabbaq, Dandenong

One of the halal restaurants serving authentic Pakistani cuisine
Tabbaq restaurant serving authentic Pakistani cuisine.

If you’re looking for authentic Pakistani and Indian dishes, Tabbaq on Lonsdale Street in Dandenong is the place to be. Many dishes made with chicken, lamb and beef are offered here. Furthermore, vegetarian options and few prawn dishes are provided too! You can expect guaranteed freshness in the food and servings are big enough for sharing. Above all, it’s a great option to consider if you’re dining with friends.

Tiba’s Lebanese Restaurant

Halal Lebanese restaurant in Melbourne
Special dish at Tiba’s restaurant.

Another restaurant specializing in home-style Lebanese cooking, Tiba’s is open in three locations: Brunswick, East Brunswick, and Roxburgh. Though far from the CBD, it’s still accessible by tram. Usually, the dishes at Tiba’s are made of chicken or lamb. There’s a wide variety of dips and Lebanese bread available on the menu as well. Service is reputed to be fast at Tiba’s, so you won’t have to wait long even when there’s a queue.

So, are you hungry for Melbourne’s halal food yet? Book your trip to Melbourne right now or have a look at other places in Australia that might catch your eyes!

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