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Top Halal Restaurants in Tokyo

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One of the many experiences you must-have when travelling to Tokyo is getting to taste authentic Japanese food. However, you may feel apprehensive about the idea if you’re a Muslim traveller to Tokyo. Some Japanese dishes have pork in them, and so-called halal dishes served at restaurants may have been cooked with utensils used to cook non-halal food. Moreover, most Tokyo restaurants won’t survive without serving alcohol. Nonetheless, it’s possible to eat halal food in Tokyo. Here are some of the top popular halal-certified and Muslim-friendly dining venues within Tokyo or just outside the city.

Gyumon, Shibuya

Top Halal Restaurants in Tokyo, Gyumon
Credit: Halal Media Japan

Love Yakiniku? Then you have to go for the Yakiniku served at Gyumon in Shibuya. The restaurant offers traditional Yakiniku using halal ingredients. In addition, the utensils provided in grilling the meat are used only for halal food. Vegetable side dishes and rice are offered along with the meat for grilling.

Hanasaka Ji-san, Shibuya

Top Halal Restaurants in Tokyo, Hanasaka
Meal at Hanasaka Ji-san, Shibuya.

Also located in Shibuya, Hanasaka Ji-san serves shabu-shabu and traditional washoku meals. The meat used is wagyu beef from Miyazaki, one of the highest-graded beef in Japan. Side dishes for the washoku can include dried tuna soup, bluefin tuna sashimi, and assorted sushi. You’ll need to reserve your table before you can dine here, however.

Kappou Yama, Saitama

Top Halal Restaurants in Tokyo, Kappou Yama
Credit: Halal Japan Restaurant Kappou Yama

Kappou Yama in Saitama offers traditional Japanese meals prepared by Muslim staff in a certified halal kitchen. Dining at Kappou Yama in Saitama is by appointment only, but you can order bento boxes for lunch or dinner. They’re also known for their themed nights, such as Ramen Day and Sukiyaki Day.

Sumiyakiya, Roppongi

Top Halal Restaurants in Tokyo, Roppongi
Credit: halal_sumiyakiya

Roppongi’s Sumiyakiya serves Yakiniku and Korean-style barbecue. You get to choose between beef and chicken to grill. After that, you can eat them with veggies, spicy tofu, kimchi and Korean pancakes on the side. However, this restaurant isn’t completely halal, as they have a non-halal menu that includes alcohol.

Takaraya, Chiba

Credit: maksensonita

Takaraya is as traditional as it gets. You can enjoy a one-of-a-kind kaiseki meal here, whether in the common dining area or in a private room. You can also hire the services of a geisha along with your meal. Apart from that, Takaraya also provides gender-separated prayer rooms.

It may be a challenge to find halal and Muslim-friendly restaurants, but you can experience Japanese cuisine safely on your holiday in Tokyo. Book your trip to Tokyo today and take a picture at instagrammable spot in Tokyo.

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