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Jom Jalan Bersama Bersama Tripfez ke Vietnam – Episode 2 Recap

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Let’s go for a cruise, shall we?

In the first episode, Faeez and Zawen have shared with us their experience at Sunworld Ha Long Complex and had delicious Halal meals at the local’s restaurants. So, what are they up to in this second episode?

They went on a cruise to Halong Bay!

Halong Bay is a beautiful natural wonder in northern Vietnam near the Chinese border. The Bay is enclosed by 1,600 limestone islands and islets and covers an area of 1,553 sq/km. This extraordinary area was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. Interestingly, due to the fact that Ha Long Bay features a wide range of biodiversity, plus its surrealistic scenery, the location has indeed been featured in tons of international movies.

Recap of the Second Episode

In this episode, Faeez and Zawen shared their experience in cruising (literally, on a cruise ship and all!) around Ha Long Bay! Before they began their journey to the Jeti Glory Legend Halong Bay to board on their cruise ship, they had a quick walk around the city and visit Vietnam’s Largest Ceramic Mural.

Tripfez’s Fact: Ceramin Mural

  • 2234m/sqft
  • 260m -Width
  • 45m Height
  • 56000 pcs of ceramic

Moving along, they head over to Jeti Glory Legend Halong Bay and “Ahoy”, boarded the cruise ship.

Jeti Glory Halong Bay

For first-timers, joining a two-day, one-night Halong Bay cruise is a good option for you. You get to discover various islets, beaches, and villages on a more relaxed pace. It also offers stops for swimming, fishing, snorkelling, kayaking, and trekking. If you’re not a fan of outdoor activities, you can just relax and admire the stunning scenery.

Now, back to the episode, as Faeez and Zawen cruise along and get to experience nature’s beauty of Halong Bay, they were lucky enough to stop by Halong Pearl Farm in Tung Sau! Here, they have a quite interesting demonstration of how pearls are being cultivated in the oysters. Learning more about pearls and the exhaustive process in harvesting them from an oyster to waiting years for the pearl to actually grow, and finally, to the retrieval and cleaning of a single pearl stone for final production, we will truly learn to appreciate pearls! What a fascinating learning experience. Guests at the pearl farm have the option to purchase single pearls or full jewellery pieces onsite as well.

Tripfez’s Fact: Pearls

  • Pearls are the only gemstones in the world to have been extracted from living animals.
  • While some oysters die after pearl extraction, there are mussels which remain alive even after the removal of pearls.
  • The collection of pearls has been around for over 4000 years – can you believe that? :O

Look at the image below how much fun they had ‘kayak-king’! Feel like going to Vietnam? We have the package! Check it out at www.tripfez.com!

Once they are done with kayaking, they continued their journey to the next amazing destination, Ti Top Island!

Ti Top Island

Ti Top Island is 8km southeast of Bai Chay Port. The beach is its main draw, where tourists can enjoy swim or lounge on the sandbank. High-end resorts, hotels, restaurants, and souvenir shops are set along Ti Top Beach.

Tripfez’s Fact: Ti Top Island

  • The islet was named in 1962 after a visit from former Soviet Union astronaut, Ghermann Titop.
  • You have take the 400-step stairway to the peak of Ti Top Island to enjoy a panoramic view of Ha Long Bay! 

And that’s a wrap for episode 2 of Jom Jalan Bersama Tripfez! You can also catch the second episode on our Youtube here:

Stay tuned for more Tripfez adventure on TV Al-Hijrah, every Monday, 8.45pm. Check out our Vietnam packages on our website www.tripfez.com or keep up with our promotions and travel deals on our Facebook page and Instagram!

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