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5 Muslim Friendly Hotels In KL For Every Budget

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As a Muslim country, Kuala Lumpur is known as one of the best Muslim tourist destinations. You can find halal food, mosques, and other Muslim friendly facilities at almost every corner of the country but what about the hotels? The list of Shariah-compliant hotels in Malaysia especially Kuala Lumpur is growing – fast. So if you are coming to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, book a room from one of these top 5 Muslim friendly hotels in KL!

3-Star Hotels

1. De Palma Hotel Ampang
De Palma is an Islamic hotel in Malaysia, one of the best Holiday destinations for Muslim families.
Source: ebookers.com

Nestled in Ampang, De Palma Hotel offers Syariah compliant hospitality to its Muslims travellers. It is the only hotel in the country which conducts Friday prayers in its praying room weekly and employs four resident Imams to lead the prayers.

In the lobby, you can hear the call to prayer sounds five times a day. The most notable feature of this hotel is the Islamic floor dedicated to Muslims where Quranic verses are played through speakers (in the hall and rooms) all day long. The Quran and prayer garments for men and women are provided in the hotel rooms. There is also an ablution tap in the bathrooms.

Location: Jalan Selaman, Ampang, Selangor. It’s a 54 mins drive from KLIA Airport, and 18 mins drive from Kuala Lumpur city centre.
Price Range: RM 130 – RM 400 per night
Muslim Friendly Facilities:

  • Special Islamic floor
  • In-house Friday prayers
  • Prayer rooms, Quran, prayer garments
  • Calls to prayer in the lobby
  • Ablution tap in bathrooms
  • Salam Standard Gold certification

Note: Salam Standard is a global verification system which offers Muslim guests a guide to hotels about their Muslim-friendly facilities and services. Gold is the highest level of certification.

2. Silka Maytower
Silka Maytower is a Muslim friendly hotel located in KL. Silka portrays Islamic hotel concept in Malaysia.

Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Silka Maytower is a great spot for Muslim tourists as attractions such as Merdeka Square, KL Tower, Petronas Twin Tower, Lake Garden and Chinatown are just a stone’s throw away.

I would recommend this hotel if you’re looking for a comfortable place to stay with your family or planning for a long vacation as rooms are spacious and well equipped. The hotel also has gender-segregated swimming pools and provides halal food. Make sure you dine at the hotel’s restaurant La Maison serving delicious and filling local and international cuisine. Plus, the room service is available 24-hours!

Location: Jalan Munshi Abdullah, Kuala Lumpur. It’s a 51 mins drive from KLIA Airport, and 9 mins drive from KL City Centre.
Price Range: RM 164 – RM 223 per night
Muslim Friendly Facilities

  • Halal certified restaurant
  • Gender segregated swimming pools

4-Star Hotels

3. PNB Perdana Hotel & Suites
Malaysia supports Muslim friendly tourism.

Also known as PNB Darby Park KL, this is another hotel equipped with a prayer space and mats, prayer garments for women and the Quran in each room. There are also several mosques, namely Asy- Syakirin mosque (also known as KLCC mosque) and Tabung Haji Mosque, located near the hotel in case you want to experience Jama’ah (the congregational prayer) with locals.

Apart from its incredible Muslim friendly facilities, the location of the hotel is another solid reason to choose this hotel. Merely a 10 minutes walk from KLCC Park, PNB Perdana Hotel & Suites is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur!

Location: Persiaran KLCC, Kuala Lumpur. It’s a 53 mins drive from KLIA Airport and 15 mins drive from KL City Centre.
Price Range: RM 350 – RM 850 per night
Muslim Friendly Facilities:  

  • Prayer space, praying mats and garments
  • Quran

5-Star Hotels

4. Traders Hotel
Traders is on the 5-star KL hotel list.

Awarded with the “Certificate of Excellence and Travellers’ Choice Award” by TripAdvisor and ‘Best Experience Hotel’ award by the readers of Expatriate Lifestyle, Traders Hotel is definitely one of the best in town!

This hotel is equipped with a prayer room for in-house and non-in-house guests to conduct their daily prayers. While the prayer mats and the Quran are not provided in the hotel rooms, you will be able to make a request at the reception desk when you’re checking in. Also, the management of the hotel is in the progress of securing a halal certificate for its restaurant, but current Muslim guests already can enjoy fully halal meals.

Furthermore, Traders hotel exceeds having facilities for the physically challenged, 24-hour health club and conference facilities. If you’re a fan of massages and all things relaxing, then you’ve hit the jackpot at Traders Hotel: their excellent and open-till-late spa is located on the rooftop offering KL’s skyline view. And we’re sure you’re going to love their pastry shop, florist and even child care.

We would totally recommend this hotel as it is located at the KL’s golden triangle. What’s more, there are quite a number of shopping malls nearby to satisfy your shopping spree.

Location: KL City Centre, 47 mins from KLIA Airport.
Price Range: RM 475 – RM 950 per night
Muslim Friendly Facilities:

  • Prayer room
  • Quran and praying mat (on request)
5. Grand Millennium Hotel
Kuala Lumpur is one of the best Holiday destinations for muslim families .

Home to 468 rooms and 16 suites, Grand Millennium Hotel is the perfect spot if you’re looking for accommodation in the city centre. While rooms are already complete with a Qibla locator, you can request for local prayer times and mat at the reception.

This hotel also serves some delicious halal food at The Mills Cafe, famous for Asian and international cuisine. Their breakfast buffet serving Coconut rice and other local dishes such as congee, eggs and sausages are scrumptious. It is indeed the best buffet in Kuala Lumpur for breakfast!

Located near Bukit Bintang, this hotel is surrounded by shopping malls and an array of shops, selling souvenirs and local foods at a reasonable price.

Location: Jalan Bukit Bintang, It’s a 49 mins drive from KLIA Airport and 14 mins drive from KL City Centre.
Price Range: RM 525 – RM 790.20 per night
Muslim Friendly Facilities:

  • Halal restaurant
  • Praying direction
  • Quran and praying mat (on request)

We hope that with this top 5 Muslim friendly hotels in KL list you will have a mindful trip to KL!

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