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The Muslim population of Macau is relatively small, comprising only approximately 10,000. Many are immigrants from countries like Pakistan, India, Indonesia and Bangladesh. Many of them work in service sectors that support Macau’s tourism industry. While this may mean you may not have a lot of options when it comes to finding a place to eat or a quiet place to worship. Fret not, you can still enjoy your travel as a Muslim in Macau.

Finding Halal Food in Macau

Macau has only begun to issue halal certifications to restaurants, hotels and other establishments quite recently. But given that Macau is a cosmopolitan city with a growing influx of tourists from Islamic countries, more and more food options safe for Muslims are arising.

Halal food in Macau
Meal at Golden Peacock restaurant.

Currently, many of the restaurants serving halal-certified food specialize in Indian cuisine. Among the most popular are the Michelin one-star restaurant Golden Peacock at the Venetian Macao and Taste of India at the Fisherman’s Wharf. But if you’re not in the mood for Indian food, you’ll have more choices at Café Panorama at the Grand Coloane Resort. At Senado Square, there’s Loulan Islam Restaurant, which serves halal Chinese food.

If you find yourself nowhere near these places come mealtime, you can stay safe by picking vegetarian or seafood options instead.

Finding a Place to Pray in Macau

Macau mosque and cemetery
Credit: @mynameluzy

Macau has only one mosque: Macau Mosque and Cemetery. Built-in the 1800s by South Asian Muslims who reportedly came to the peninsula with the Portuguese. The complex is home to the mosque as well as the headquarters of the Islamic Association of Macau.

Right now, the mosque can only hold 100 followers during prayer times. However, there are plans to build a bigger mosque that can hold at least 600 worshippers. The planned mosque will also house a hostel, halal restaurants, classrooms for religious instruction, and various facilities. Aside from the mosque, there are some hotels and establishments that maintain prayer rooms Muslims can use.

Given the somewhat limited options Macau currently has for accommodating Muslim travellers, it would be best for you to engage a travel agency experienced in assisting Muslim tourists in Macau. Doing so will make your Macau holiday safer and a lot more pleasant.

There you have it, a quick guide for a safe and pleasant travel in Macau. Don’t go just yet, check out other articles on Macau here!

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