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One of the questions commonly asked by Muslims who are travelling to Taiwan is if it’s possible to find halal foods and prayer rooms in there, especially having it being a country with a very small Muslim population. Well, let us help clear up your doubt and say- don’t worry!

Despite Buddhism and Taoism making up a larger part of the religion there, the Taiwanese government is becoming aware of the fact that the country is receiving hundreds of thousands of Muslim visitors annually. So, even though it is not completely catered to be a to-go Muslim-friendly destination, for those who want to visit, you will still have plenty of fun on your holiday without having to worry about where to eat and pray. All you need is a little bit of research!

Understanding the issue, we have compiled a short but useful Muslim guide to Taiwan concerning halal foods and prayer locations just for you!

Finding Halal Foods in Taiwan

Finding halal food to eat is not that hard in Taiwan. Having two Halal certification boards; the Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association (THIDA) and the Chinese Muslim Association, it would be helpful to use them as a guide whenever you are searching for something to fill your stomach. All you have to do is to spot the label!

Tripfez’s Tip: You can always refer to JAKIM’s list of Recognised Foreign Halal Certification Body to check on how the halal logo would look like!

There are also plenty of halal restaurants to be found in this megapolis ranging from Indonesian, Indian and even Egyptian foods that are generally safe to eat by Muslims. The tricky part would be looking for something permissible in more local settings such as food lanes and night markets as they don’t exactly carry the halal sign. We would advise you to stick to the vegetarian options in this situation just to be safe.

You can also use this as the rule of thumb if you want to travel outside of Taipei as your options would be increasingly limited in more rural areas of Taiwan. The good news is most Taiwanese practice vegetarianism so you’ll be able to find vegetarian foods wherever you go.

Mosques in Taiwan

You can find mosques in major cities in Taiwan like Taipei, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Zhongli or Taichung. In urban centres, you might find more than one mosques in the area especially Taipei, which has the Taipei Grand Mosque and the Taipei Cultural Mosque.

On top of that, the Taiwanese government has been showing efforts in providing prayer facilities at major tourist locations, even for national parks. So, if you are at any government-run tourist spots, ask away! The staffs at the location should be able to assist you.

Having said that, we can’t deny that flying to countries with limited resources for Muslim travellers can be a little tricky and requires a little bit of reading effort; especially if you are a first-timer. One of the best ways to settle your concern once and for all would be by booking with a travel agency that caters to Muslim needs. How about going with Tripfez? We provide Muslim-centered itineraries, with halal meals and breaks for salah. Visit our website to know more; with Tripfez #manamanatrippunbest!

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