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Exploring the Instagramable Rainbow Village Taiwan

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In recent years, Rainbow Village tops the list of most Insta-worthy places in Taichung, and it is quickly becoming one of the hottest new things to do on a visit to Taiwan. While the colourful walls of this small collection of houses are indeed a veritable paradise for selfies enthusiasts, Taiwan’s Rainbow Village actually has a super interesting history behind it.

If you plan on visiting the Rainbow Village, first let’s find out more about this wonderful place!

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Did you know?

The houses and alleys of this village in Nantun District, Taichung is painted by a talented veteran soldier and one of the last residents at the village. The soldier is known as Huang Yung-fu or the Rainbow Grandpa. 

The Rainbow Grandpa

Photo credit : nickembel

Mr Huang is a military veteran who was born in Hong Kong and fought against the communists in the army. After living in Taiwan for more than 60 years, the city government in Taichung decided it was time for the village he lived in to be torn down (Oh, no! :O). Mr Huang whom people now refer to as the “Rainbow Grandfather” came up with a way to protest and a wonderful idea struck him!

Instead of fighting the government – he started to paint. A self-taught artist, he has painted colourful murals all over his home, as well as the gates around it and the walkways. His artwork was inspired by manga characters, dolls, animals and many more characters. As a result, his paintings are so vibrant and instantly puts a smile on your face.

Photo credit: nickembel

Did you know? 

Besides the colourful wall and houses, there are also toys and other stuff here at the Rainbow Village!

How To Go To The Rainbow Village?

The most popular way to travel from Taichung to Taipei is by the Taipei High-Speed Rail (THSR). The journey will take approximately 40 minutes from any of the major stations in Taipei. You can take it via Taipei Main Station, Banqiao and Nangang station.

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Practically unknown until just a few years ago, Rainbow Village is now becoming one of the trendiest places to explore. With over a million visitors per year, therefore it would add it to your Taiwan’s travel itinerary if you are spending time in the city! 

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