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Seoul Eats: Best Foods For Foodies Guide

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Bibimbap, bulgogi, kimchi and twisty raw octopus – these are the four food items that generally come to mind when you ask a non-Korean about food in Seoul. Hardly surprising, given how popular these foods have become outside of South Korea, but there’s more to Seoul food than just kimchi and bibimbap. Make sure to check out our Seoul eats for foodies guide when you travel to Seoul.


Seoul Eats- Best Foods For Foodies Guide, hotteok
Credit: cweizhi

The first food on Seoul eats for foodies guide is Hotteok. Hotteok is South Korean sweet pancake, filled with honey, nuts, cinnamon and brown sugar. It’s sold as street food and great for snacking while making your way through the sights of Seoul.

Where to get it: Hard to tell, there are so many choices, we might give a wrong recommendation!


Seoul Eats- Best Foods For Foodies Guide, dakgalbi
Credit: ykient

Fancy some chicken pan-fried on a hot plate with cabbage, sweet potatoes, onions, scallions and perilla leaves? Then go find a food joint that sells dakgalbi. You can add stir-fried noodles or cheesy rice cakes to the dish too.


Seoul Eats- Best Foods For Foodies Guide, kalguksu
Credit: koffi_c

Another Seoul eats for foodies guide is Kalguksu. Kalguksu is Seoul summer comfort food. It’s a bowl of handmade and knife-cut noodles in a broth made with shellfish, kelp and anchovies, with some vegetables and seafood to top the noodles.


Seoul Eats- Best Foods For Foodies Guide, samgyetang
Credit: wokicook

A spicy chicken soup chock-full of herbs and medicinal ingredients like ginseng, ginger and garlic, samgyetang is an awesome Korean traditional food for body health.

Jipangyi ice cream

Credit: fieonnn_

Jipangyi ice cream is simply vanilla ice cream served on both ends of a curved cane made with sweet corn. It looks a bit ridiculous, but it’s fun to eat.


Credit: peenutbuttersandwich

Yes, we’re going there – sannakji is the twisty raw octopus thingee dipped in spicy vinegar and soy sauce. Once you’ve gotten over the grossness factor of chopped-up octopus tentacles still wriggling on your plate (and in your mouth), you’ll find the dish chewy and rather good.

Don’t miss your chance to snack on South Korea’s unique Seoul food. Before travelling to Korea, check out some helpful tips here. Now, you can travel to Korea in peace. So, book your trip today and enjoy your food!

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