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Where to Shop What in Kuala Lumpur?

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1. Book

Books are a bit expensive in Malaysia but no worries, here’s a list of where you can find new and used books at cheaper prices.

Get your favorite book at affordable price in Malaysia book shop
Source: Unsplash
  • BookXcess

You can find BookXcess in Amcorp mall, Fahrenheit88, and SS15 courtyard. BookXcess sells brand new books at an incredibly cheaper price than other bookstores. That RM 50++ book you paid for at other bookstores would cost you around RM17 ++ at BookXcess. No worries, they’re all new and original!

  • Reader’s Paradise

The book shop is in business since the late 1900s and despite the fact that it focuses on rental services, feel free to purchase any books you like!


Too lazy to go out? Shop secondhand books online at They also offer free delivery for orders above RM 50. You may buy and sell your used books. Brilliant isn’t it?

2. Fashion

Kuala Lumpur isn’t really a fashion capital but it sure has everything you need, from designer brands to back alleys and flea market…

  • Central Market

Pop into central market on Jalan Hang Kasturi for some unique local handicraft and other quirky souvenirs.

Central Market is one of KL's most familiar landmarks and a popular tourist attraction.

This mall is filled with boutiques selling affordable (read: super cheap) shoes, clothes, bags basically everything!

  • Pavilion Shopping Mall

Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Bvlgari, Prada, TOD’s…and so much more. Need we say more?

Pavilion offer a wide range of products under one roof.
  • Petaling Street

Hanging out at local food stalls and shopping some bargainable goods is your idea of an ideal weekend? Head to Petaling Street!

Petaling Street is a Chinatown located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

3. Gadgets

There’s only one place to shop for gadgets in Kuala Lumpur and that is…

Low Yat Plaza, popular gadgets shop in Malaysia.
Source: unsplash
  • Low Yat Plaza

Spanning seven floors, this shopping mall is packed with shop lots selling technological gadgets, smartphones, laptops, cameras, desktops and so much more.

Next time you’re visiting Malaysia, make sure you book a nearby hotel so you would have amazing shopping experiences! Plus, few… well, to be honest, most of the shopping malls building are connected to hotels. You can also check out this entry about 30 free activities you can do in Malaysia. Also, check out Tripfez website for more information on Muslim-friendly packages around the world

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