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Shopping in Taiwan: 5 Best Places to Shop

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The words “Made in Taiwan” used to make people shudder. Before, that phrase is synonymous with “cheap” and “low quality.” But not anymore – Taiwan is now a haven for shopaholics looking for both high-end global brands as well as penny-pincher bargains. Shopping in Taiwan can be a dizzying experience, especially during the weekends, and we’ve picked out the five shoppers’ destinations you need to check out on your visit to the country.

Taipei 101 Mall

Shopping in Taiwan: 5 Best Places to  Shop, Taipei 101
View of Taipei 101 mall. (Credit: attachai.d)

Once the tallest building in the world, Taipei 101 dominates the Taiwanese capital’s skyline. But aside from a bewilderingly tall tower designed to look like a pagoda, Taipei 101 is also a shopping destination. The Taipei 101 Mall occupies the tower’s lower levels and is home to global luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Dior, Chanel, Bulgari, Tiffany & Co, and many others. Taipei 101 is the place to go if you have money or credit cards to blow.

Miramar Entertainment Park

Shopping in Taiwan: 5 Best Places to  Shop, Miramar
Miramar Entertainment Park.

If you just want to browse and see the sights without really fishing for your wallet, head to Miramar Entertainment Park. This department store is known for its gigantic rooftop Ferris wheels, which have become one of Taipei’s most visible landmarks. Miramar also boasts of one of the biggest IMAX theatre screens in Asia.

Shilin Night Market

Shopping in Taiwan: 5 Best Places to  Shop, Shilin
Shilin night markets.

Taiwan is famous for its night markets, and one of the most popular is none other than Taipei’s Shilin Night Market. Whatever you’re looking for – clothes, fashion accessories, electronics, home décor, precious and semi-precious jewellery – you’re sure to find at Shilin. Even if you’re not in the mood for shopping, you should still visit Shilin – it has some of the best street food in all of Taipei. You can also watch a movie or sing karaoke at Shilin.

Yizhong Street Night Market

Shopping in Taiwan: 5 Best Places to  Shop, Night Market
Yizhong commercial area.

Taichung is one of Taipei’s closest rivals as a shopping destination, and you’ll see why when you visit Yizhong Street Night Market. Yizhong Street may be a little sedate in daylight, but it transforms into a lively scene for shopping, haggling, and street food sampling. Aside from the stalls, Yizhong Street also has a number of shopping malls, including Yizhong Shopping Mall and Chungyo Department Stores. You’ll also find a lot of students attending cram school here, given Yizhong Street is close to a number of schools and cultural institutions.

Eslite Bookstore

Eslite Bookstore
Famous Eslite bookstore.

Eslite is the biggest chain of bookstores in Taiwan. Although the company’s operations are concentrated in Taipei, they also have branches in other urbanized areas like Keelung, Taichung, Tainan, and Kaohsiung. If you’re a bookworm, you must not miss an opportunity to step inside an Eslite store. They have a wide selection of English-language books as well as Taiwanese and Chinese works translated into English. Some Eslite stores are even open 24 hours daily to cater to night-owl bookworms.

Shopping is one of the many excitements you’ll get to experience in your visit to Taiwan. So take out your credit cards and book your trip to Taiwan today. You might be able to catch Sakura soon.

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