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4 Shopping Havens For Anyone Traveling To Taipei, Taiwan

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Made famous for the food – Taiwan’s capital Taipei is shopping heaven on its own right. Personally, I know a few friends who make a yearly trip to Taiwan to get some serious shopping done. Taiwan itself hosts at least 3,000 markets in such a small country, in fact, with so many retail shops, it is the densest in the world in terms of the number of shops over land area.

If your ideal holiday must be capped with a shopping spree, let me take you on a ride to some of Taipei’s shopping places that are worth your time – this list only captures what is the best thing to buy in that market so you can spend your hard-earned moolah into something worth it.

Taipei 101 Shopping Mall

One of the best shopping malls in Taipei Taiwan
The main entrance of the Taipei 101 shopping mall | credit: Taiwan Hotels

Situated in the centre of the Xinyi district with ten floors hosting some of the world’s luxury brands. The shopping mall inside Taipei 101 is where all big spenders should be at. You can easily spot boutiques of big brands like Calvin Klein, Shop, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, Dior, etc. Shop like forever is not enough.

What we like about it: Taipei 101 Shopping Mall more than the convenience of going around the mall and shopping, it is also a good way to finish your day after a rather tiring itinerary. You could be visiting Taipei 101 in the morning or you can just be there all day.

Shilin Night Market

The surroundings of Shilin Night Market in Taipei
The surrounding of Shilin Night Market |credit: travel.taipei

Are you more of a foodie on the inside? The Shilin Market will speak to your heart and will answer to your food fantasies, can you hashtag #foodporn and #shopping in one picture? You can shop for both local cuisine and souvenirs at Shilin Market here. Serving bubble teas, fried food, clothes shopping at a bargain price. Do not forget to try the Oyster Omelet here, it’s the No. 1 in town. Malaysians are so in love with Taiwan street food that we even have our own Taiwan Street in Berjaya Times Square.

Fresh fruits at Shilin Night Market in Taipei
Fresh fruits to freshen you up during your hunt for good gems
Fun delectable at Shilin Night Market for ease of shopping
Credit: @ashkkley
Cute novelty socks can also be found at Shilin Night Market in Taipei
Credit: @hweejian

What we like about it: Shilin Market combines two things Malaysians love doing overseas, food and shopping. Forget about sightseeing, we have a separate day to do all that, but we can never trade away good food while in Taipei.

The Jade Market

The atmosphere of the Jade Market in Taipei Taiwan
Credit: @flin.drikin

Precious stones are always hot for people travelling overseas, if you are more into classical pieces and are looking for things that would be memorable for your Taipei trip, the Jade Market in Taipei may sound a great idea, jade lover or not. Keep these babies as a souvenir, they are colourful and unique that are versatile materials, handcrafted into so many things like a pendant, necklace, trinket, statues and even pottery. Something rare and pretty will always get someone’s attention. Don’t forget to haggle while in the Jade market!

Good finds at the Jade Market in Taipei
Credit: @pili_cases_paisajista
Detailed work put into the items at the Jade Market
Credit: @jp_photo

What we like about it: This is the perfect place for getting souvenirs that you want to last forever. Jade ain’t cheap and spending money on it means that you plan to keep these memories for long. However, If you are not into Jade, this serves as a perfect place for travellers who do not have plans as the Jade Market in Taipei always assures a good time.

Breeze Center Mall

The perfect places for girls to shop and look their best. The Breeze Center Mall offers moderate to high fashion choices for the female Fashionista. Take the MRT to Zhongxiao Fuxing Station and in just a short 10-minute walk 10 minutes you will see an elevated road on Civil Boulevard.

The main entrance of the Breeze Centre Shopping Mall in Taipei
Credit: @furuhata862

What we like about it: After a quick dip in looking for the perfect pair, it is time to settle down and look for something to snack on, luckily, the Breeze Center mall offers plenty of choices for high tea and with competitive prices. Shopping should be an experience and it’s a workout on its own, why not unwind with some tea or coffee?

Let us know which one is your favourite! While you’re at it, explore other parts of Taiwan and check out what we’ve listed here!

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