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Australia is a nation built by immigrants, which makes it a giant melting pot of cultures. People from all over the world – of different races, colors and faiths – have come to call it home. So if you’re a Muslim traveling to Australia, you can enjoy your holiday thoroughly without worrying too much. Here is a guide you can refer to to ensure a safe and pleasant trip as a Muslim in Australia!

Halal Food is Widely Available

Halal food which a Muslim can enjoy in peace in Australia
A Mediterranean dish from a halal restaurant in Australia | Credit: @thenextrush

First of all, Muslims count among the many ethnic groups making up Australia’s population. To support the needs of its Muslim citizens, Australia has set up a system of halal certification under the aegis of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils in 1974. Most importantly, this system makes it possible for Muslim Australians to have access to food that is safe to eat according to their beliefs and customs.

Hence, if you’re a Muslim travelling to Australia, you have a lot of dining options available. If you’re staying at a self-service apartment for the duration of your holiday. Fret not, you can always pop inside a halal-certified grocery store to buy whatever ingredients you want in case you wish to cook.

Halal chicken skewers for Muslim to eat
Halal chicken skewers that can be found in Australia

Besides that, if you wish to dine out, you can simply wander downtown and find a restaurant that serves halal-certified food. Most restaurants will have a sign indicating that they’re halal-certified. Whether they serve halal meats or their kitchens are staffed by Muslims or both. Another option is you can just ask the restaurant’s host if they serve halal food.

Mosques and Masjids are Easily Accessible.

Adelaide city mosque in Australia
Adelaide city mosque

Just as it is not a problem for you to certainly find safe food to eat in Australia as a Muslim. Similarly, it won’t be difficult for you to find a quiet place for your daily prayers as well. All major cities in Australia have a number of mosques and Islamic centres where you could go to attend worship services. Hence, you’ve nothing worry about when you want to perform your prayers.

Here are a few examples:

  • Canberra has the Canberra Mosque and Canberra Islamic Centre.
  • Sydney has dozens of mosques and masjids, including the impressive Auburn Gallipoli Mosque and Malek Fahd Islamic School Mosque.
  • Brisbane has a number of places of worship for Muslims, including those located at West End and Holland Park.
  • Adelaide has the Central Adelaide Mosque and the Masjid Omar Bin Al Khattab, among others.
  • Perth has mosques at Queens Park, Gosnells, Beechboro and other areas.
  • Melbourne has plenty of prominent mosques, including Sunshine Mosque, Preston Mosque, and Broadmeadows Mosque.  

Whether you need a safe place to eat or a quiet place for worship, you’ll readily find them in Australia. Start planning your unique and memorable trip to Australia today. Perhaps even read up on other articles we’ve prepared here!

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