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Taiwan Food Guide: 10 Fantastic Eats You Must Taste

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If you’re going on a literal food trip, Taiwan is the perfect destination. Taiwan is foodie paradise; in every town and city you go, you’re sure to find some really good eats you’re not likely to find anywhere else, especially outside the country. Food is so respected and deeply ingrained in Taiwanese culture. When you meet local, they’re sure to greet you with the question, “Have you eaten already?” Of the many treats and eats you can find in Taiwan, here are the ten best eats you must never miss while you’re there.

Almond Tofu

Taiwan Food Guide: 10 Fantastic Eats You Must Taste, Tofu
Almond Tofu Pudding with Red Beans and Tapioca.

Silken tofu comes in many flavours in Taiwan, and almond is one of the most popular flavours. You can enjoy your almond tofu by itself or as topping on shaved ice. It came along with sweet beans, taro, fresh fruit and other yummy stuff.

Ban Tiao Noodles

Taiwan Food Guide: 10 Fantastic Eats You Must Taste, noodles
Credit: ninadoerr

The Taiwanese are fierce in their love for ban tiao noodles, those thick, flat noodles made from sticky rice. It is Taiwanese comfort food whether stir-fried or cooked in soup. Some ban tiao noodle dish may be cooked with non-halal ingredients such as pork. Thus, it is important to check before you dine!

Bubble Tea

Taiwan Food Guide: 10 Fantastic Eats You Must Taste, boba
Credit: bubu_chen_

Another Taiwan food guide is bubble tea or also known as pearl milk tea. Bubble tea has become a worldwide craze. There are few countries that the bubble tea concept hasn’t reached yet. There’s nothing like tasting this drink right at the place where it was invented. This sweet tea mixed with milk, tapioca pearls, and your favourite flavouring is a chewy, refreshing drink that’s simply divine after a day of walking around.

Coffin Toast

coffin toast
Credit: stephfoodprint

Its name may turn you off, but give coffin toast a chance and you’ll find it to be one of the best toasts you’ve ever eaten. Made using a thick slice of bread that’s fried like French toast. After that, hollowed out to make room for filling. You can fill that space in the bread with whatever filling you want, whether savoury or sweet.

Ice Cream-Filled Pancakes

ice cream pancakes
Credit: theskypassport

Ice cream-filled pancakes are the Taiwanese street food version of the ice cream sandwich. This treat is literally a scoop of ice cream nestled between two small pieces of pancakes. The coolness factor of this treat is just amazing. Make sure to put this on your 10 fantastic eats you must taste as Taiwan food guide.

Pineapple Cake

Taiwan Food Guide: 10 Fantastic Eats You Must Taste, pineapple cake
Credit: georgeoustreats

If your friends and family find out you’re travelling to Taiwan, they’re likely to demand that you bring pineapple cakes home. Pineapple cakes, which are delightfully buttery pastries filled with candied pineapples. It is the most in-demand food souvenirs from Taiwan. Some versions of this treats have watermelon mixed in the pineapple filling. Try eating this cake over ice cream.

Popcorn Fried Chicken

pop corn chicken
Credit: hei.nn

Most world cultures have their version of fried chicken, but the Taiwanese version is simply addictive. Marinated and coated in the batter using bite-sized morsel of chicken. After that, it will be deep-fried and then served with salt, pepper and fried basil. You’re likely to pop this like popcorn.

Is your mouth watering yet? Come to Taiwan as soon as you can to eat your share of these yummy treats. Book your Taiwan trip today and don’t forget to visit these attractions.

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