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12 Amazing Places and Activities You Should Not Miss in Terengganu!

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Terengganu is one of the must-visit states in Malaysia. As a start, it is good to mention that it possesses some of the most magnificent and heavenly islands that everyone should check out. The capital city of Terengganu, Kuala Terengganu is ideal if you would want to be immersed in the state’s customs and traditions. If you are into nature, Terengganu boasts a lot of forests, jungles, mountains, and waterfall, ready to be explored. Tripfez has prepared a  list of 12 amazing places and activities you don’t want to miss in Terengganu.

1) Visit the ‘Lemang’ Factory

12 Amazing Places and Activities You Should Not Miss in Terengganu! Lemang Factory
Credit: wwsf

What is ‘Lemang’? It is a special local cuisine made of rice and it is steamed inside a bamboo stick. ‘Lemang’ is popular among the Malays especially during celebrations like Eid season and ‘Hari Raya’. To enhance the taste of ‘Lemang’, you can eat it with yummy gravy or beef serunding (beef floss). So, be sure to spare some time and visit the ‘Lemang’ Factory in Terengganu and learn the process of making this scrumptious food.

2) Check Out ‘Pasar Payang’

12 Amazing Places and Activities You Should Not Miss in Terengganu! Pasar Payang
Credit: zahidsams

Pasar Payang’ is famous among locals and tourists. From handicrafts, handmade bags, batik shirts to food, you name it… Be ready to bring back some souvenirs home from the ‘Pasar Payang.’

3) Visit the Islamic Civilization Park

12 Amazing Places and Activities You Should Not Miss in Terengganu! Islamic Civilization Park
Credit: nrl.syhda

The Islamic Civilization Park is a tremendously cool place. In Malay, it is called as the ‘Taman Tamadun Islam’ and it houses modern age Islamic architecture as well artworks. There are 22 scaled models of historical monuments which are situated at the Monument Park. The main star of this place is the floating Crystal Glass Mosque. Known as an ‘Edutainment’ park, this attraction permits all visitors to learn more about the Islamic Civilization from a different and unique perspective.

4) Eat the Yummy ‘Keropok Lekor’

12 Amazing Places and Activities You Should Not Miss in Terengganu! Keropok Lekor
Credit: nina.mirza

Not far away from the main city of Terengganu, Losong Village or ‘Kampung Losong’ is around 10-minute drive. This village is a paradise of ‘Keropok Lekor.’ If you would want to have a preference, we would suggest checking out ‘Kak Yah Keropok Losong’ and it is situated along the main road of this village. You have no idea what ‘Keropok Lekor’ is? Well, it is a traditional Malay fish cracker snack which is made from fish and sago flour. It is seasoned with sugar and salt. The texture is soft and It is slightly greyish in colour. One thing for sure is, it is really delicious!

5) Try Weaving

12 Amazing Places and Activities You Should Not Miss in Terengganu! Pengkalan Gelap
Credit: izzatighfr

This type of activity probably won’t be at the top of your list when you’re travelling, but if you were to come and visit Terengganu, we do suggest you give it a try. Located at “Pengkalan Gelap” village, the local villagers here really appreciate the gift of nature by utilizing leaves of the ‘Nipah’ tree (Nypa). Out of the leaves, their creativity just goes beyond expectations. They would weave them into fruit basket, lampshades, and even traditional birdcage. All of the products are pretty and sold at a reasonable price too.

6) Stroll Around China Town

12 Amazing Places and Activities You Should Not Miss in Terengganu! China Town
Credit: manorajjkumar

Did you know that Kuala Terengganu’s China Town is included in UNESCO’s heritage listing? How cool is that? One of the reasons is because it is a well-preserved Chinatown. Located along Jalan Bandar, it is a tiny town but is totally filled with charming and vibrant shophouses. It still has that traditional feel and vibe; small stores, cafes, and restaurants suitable for a touristy tour.

7) Ride a Boat Along Kuala Terengganu’s River

12 Amazing Places and Activities You Should Not Miss in Terengganu! Kuala Terengganu River
Credit: faiz_21guns

Forget about the museums and other tourist activities, let’s try something fun-follow the locals and take a boat ride crossing the Terengganu River. By doing this, you can get a glimpse of the local life’s in Terengganu from the Riverview. If you choose to go to Duyung Besar Island, you will be able to see the process of boat-making and as an alternative, you could also go to ‘Seberang Takir’ which is a busy fishing village. If you are curious, why don’t you visit both,?

8) Visit the Maziah Palace

12 Amazing Places and Activities You Should Not Miss in Terengganu! Maziah Palace
Credit: tinesh87

The Maziah Palace is an emblem for the state of Terengganu’s Sultanate and usually used as an important venue for official events such as royal weddings, birthdays, conferment of titles as well as receptions for the local and foreign VIPs.  Built-in 1897, the Maziah Palace is situated at the foot of Puteri Hill which is in the heart of Kuala Terengganu. The palace itself is a mix of traditional and contemporary architecture which will surely amaze you.

9) Go Sun Tanning at Redang Island

Redang Island
Credit: twoworldtrotteurs

We love Island! Who doesn’t? It would be unfair if we do not mention one of the most famous island destinations in Malaysia for locals and foreigners alike. None other than, the ‘Redang’ Island. This Island is so majestic and has breathtaking crystal teal waters which are perfect for diving, snorkelling, and trekking activities. What can you do here? Perhaps, this is the right Island for you to plan a romantic trip with your loved ones, a fun family getaway, or maybe just a diving trip with buddies who love the combination of beach, sun and water!

10) Check Out the Mysterious ‘Telaga Simpul’

Telaga Simpul
Credit: qamarul_nor

‘Telaga Simpul’ or the Simpul Well is located very close to the Marina Beach. The interesting story of this well goes like this; according to the old folks, this place used to be a site for the Genies or ‘Orang Halus’ in Malay. They will normally take their bath here, thus, anyone who would want to use this well, it is believed that they are required to tie a knot from the ‘Pandan’ tree nearby in order to avoid bad luck. That is quite a mysterious story or belief, whether or not it is true, don’t forget to check this place out, mingle with the nearby locals and do let us know what’s the secret!

11) Chill at Kuala Terengganu Waterfront

Kuala Terengganu Waterfront
Credit: lily_m1rza

If you would want to just unwind and appreciate the beauty of the city of Kuala Terengganu, perhaps you can go to the Kuala Terengganu Waterfront. Here, an interesting thing to do is to hear the sound of the boats and just look at the view of the skyline may it be during dawn or dusk. Sometimes, the fun thing in life is not by exploring too much, but perhaps, just sit down and relax. As a coastal town, the waterfront of Kuala Terengganu extends across almost the entirety of the town. Most of the town’s activities and main places are also located along the waterfront area such as the main jetties, central market (Pasar Payang), Chinatown, interstate bus station as well as the public park (Taman Shahbandar).

12) Get an Aerial View of Kuala Terengganu at Puteri Hill

Puteri Hill
Credit: ashikinmohd_

If you would want to view Kuala Terengganu from a height, Puteri Hill of Bukit Puteri is the place to head to. Located 200 meters above sea level, it is the highest peak in Kuala Terengganu. From here, visitors can view the picturesque view of all the areas surrounding it. At one part of the hill, you will be presented with the view of the Terengganu River and on the other side of the hill, you will see a panoramic view of the town. Even from afar, the town’s tallest building, ‘Wisma Darul Iman’ and Zainal Abidin Mosque can be seen clearly.

There you go. A great list of 12 amazing and full of varieties places as well as activities you can do while visiting Terengganu. Remember, sometimes, a quiet and not so-called a metropolitan city would have more for you to discover. Enjoy!