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Things To Do During Your Holiday In Japan

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A myriad of experiences awaits you on your visit to Japan. Where to get started? While there are literally hundreds of things you can do to make your Japan holiday exciting and memorable, here are ten things you absolutely must do when you visit the land of the rising sun:

Things You Must Do on a Holiday to Japan, Castle
Castle (coniferconifer)

Tour all of Japan’s feudal castles.

Credit: helen.choo.946

Just like Europe, Japan has its share of fairytale castles, serving as the home and fortress of a warlord. There are 25 such castles still standing in Japan. Twelve of these castles are centuries-old originals, withstanding time and calamities, while the rest are restorations.

See The Tokyo Imperial Palace Grounds.

Things You Must Do on a Holiday to Japan, Imperial
One of the buildings on the grounds of the Imperial Palace, Tokyo.

The Tokyo Imperial Palace is the official residence of the Japanese imperial family. While the buildings and the inner grounds of the palace complex are generally off-limits to the public, you can explore the grounds and view some of the grandest gardens in the country.

Travel Back In Time In Kyoto.

Things You Must Do on a Holiday to Japan, time
Arashiyama bamboo grove, Kyoto.

For more than a millennium, Kyoto served as Japan’s capital city until the Meiji Emperor moved his court to Tokyo in 1869. The Meiji Emperor nonetheless ordered the city’s preservation. To this day, Kyoto is home to a fifth of Japan’s national treasures, including 17 World Heritage Sites, largely untouched even after the devastation of World War II. Exploring the historical treasures of Kyoto is like stepping into a time machine.

Visit Hiroshima’s Peace Park.

Things You Must Do on a Holiday to Japan, Hiroshima
Hiroshima’s Peace Memorial Park

Hiroshima went down in history as one of only two cities to have experienced a nuclear bombing. The resulting destruction inspired Hiroshima’s residents to build the Peace Memorial Park and Museum to honour the atomic bomb victims and remind us all of the horrors of war.

Stay At A Ryokan.

Credit: anniesbucketlist

A Ryokan is a traditional inn, where you get to sleep on a futon set on a fragrant tatami floor, eat sumptuous kaiseki meals, and walk around wearing a yukata, tabi socks and geta slippers. Many of these Ryokan are located near a hot spring where guests can soak in the sulfuric waters. While a night at a Ryokan can get pricey, it’s definitely worth the stay.

Go Skiing At Niseko.

Giant thermometer at Niseko.

If you’re a powder hound and you’re visiting Japan in winter, then you must indulge your powder addiction by skiing or snowboarding at Niseko in Hokkaido. This resort town stands in the foothills of Mt. Yotai and the Annupuri mountain range. It boasts the best powder in all of Japan, making it a popular winter destination.

Fill Up On Authentic Ramen.

Credit: chie0927chie

Store-bought Ramen nowhere near authentic ramen. Setting aside regional differences, ramen typically consists of wheat noodles cooked in broth, seasoned with soy sauce or miso, and topped with meat, spring onions and nori. It’s easy to find a ramen stall anywhere in Japan.

Participate In A Festival.

Credit: frej_fries

Festivals are fun and colourful expressions of Japanese culture. Depending on the festival, there’s usually a parade, some street dancing, street food, and visits to the local temple. There are around annual 100,000 festivals going on in Japan, so you’re sure to see one on your visit.

Watch A Sumo Wrestling Match.

Sumo wrestlers are preparing to fight. See some sumo wrestling schedules in Tokyo here.

Sumo wrestling is nothing like wrestling elsewhere in the world. Thus, it is a top thing you must do on a Holiday to Japan. This 2,000-year-old sport is highly steeped in tradition. Also, there’s nothing like the spectacle of huge men in decorative loincloths trying to outmanoeuvre their opponents into step out of the ring.

Sing Karaoke.

Credit: biancagreenart

Japan is the birthplace of karaoke. Honour this fact by spending the night singing your heart out at a local karaoke bar. There are still plenty more you can see and do on your holiday to Japan. One trip won’t be enough to experience everything the country has to offer, but you can get started by booking your holiday today.

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